13 September 2007

The five things meme

Was tagged by Neomesuff, so here goes:

5 Things In My Bag
I don't carry a handbag so I am looking at my favourite backpack. It's currently empty at the moment. Normally, it would have:
1. Pen
2. Notebook
3. Calculator
4. Water bottle
5. a book

5 Things That Are In My Wallet
1. My driving license
2. Credit card
3. Bank debit card
4. Tesco clubcard
5. Photographs of my son, daughter and wife

4. 5 Favourite Things In My Bedroom
1. Bed
2. Duvet
3. Pillow
4. Book
5. My wife (My wife says that she's not a thing)

5 Things I Wish To Do (added this later)
1. Get a diving certificate
2. Travel around the World
3. Become a renowned expert in my field of research
4. See my Grandfather
5. Get my PhD

5 Things That I Am Doing Now
1. Writing this meme
2. Checking PayPerPost for opportunities
3. Improving my research proposal
3. Chatting with friend
4. Chatting with wife
(Who says guys can't multi-task)

5 People I Would Like To Tag
1. Ainee
2. Lilian
3. Nana
4. Reena
5. Zaza


Nana said...

hehe whats a meme????? what am i suppose to do?? hehe i sound so blur haha!

Dilip Mutum said...

It's OK. I didn't know what it was either when I started out. Left a comment on your blog.

neomesuff said...

hehe..tenkiu adam... hope to call u Dr Adam soon!

if i may reply: to nana
meme: about me hehe

Anonymous said...

oh no!! hahah. ok will do.

Dilip Mutum said...

Thanks Ainee. Looking forward to your post.


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