26 May 2005

Freemasons in Malaysia

The Star Wars fever is still running high and I plan to catch it this weekend (finally). I wanted to watch it on the big screen and is the reason why I avoided the temptation of buying a shaky pirated DVD copy.

However, I am also eagerly awaiting 3 other movies, namely Batman Begins, Fantastic Four and the Da Vinci code.

In case you are not aware, the last movie is based on Dan Brown’s bestseller about a Harvard professor Robert Langdon (Tom Hanks) who stumbles on a thousand’s year old conspiracy.

Anyway, last week as I was going through Ipoh (again), I noticed this regal building. The thing that caught my eye was a conspicuous symbol on the compound walls - symbol of the compass.

"What has this got to do with the Da Vinci Code?" you may ask.

Well, during the height of the Da Vinci Code craze, I did some research on my own and found out that the Freemasons (the secret society mentioned in the book) have branches and members in Malaysia. Before you think that I have gone bonkers, there was an article in the Star, whereby their Grand Master came out to talk about their “Fraternity”.

It was mentioned that they have branches in all states in Malaysia apart from Kelantan and another.

Their contact address in Kuala Lumpur:
Dewan Freemason, 213 Jalan Tun Razak, 50400, Kuala Lumpur


DEWAN FREEMASON, No.15, Jalan 18/16,
Taman Kanagapuram
46000 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

I found out that there is another Dewan Freemason (Emerald Lodge) at Bukit OUG, Jalan 3/155, 58200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

I am not sure about that building in Ipoh though. Very little is known about the society even though there is a lot of information about them on the net. Like for example, some mention that almost all the American Presidents were a member of the society as well (However, excluding George Bush Sr and Jr),  as were most of those who wrote the US Constitution.

Really makes me wonder who these people are and what they do.

Links on Freemasons in Malaysia:
- Freemasonry in Malaysia
- Unveiling the history of the highly secretive Freemasons in Malaysia
- The truth about Freemasonry

(Several dead links were removed and other new ones added on 29th of Oct, 2020)
Updated: 29/10/2020.


Anonymous said...

o_O They actually have a "Dewan Freemason" ?!

Anonymous said...

hehe... there's even a 'scurrilous' rumour goin' 'round that Dr M is a Mason. Just to stoke the conspiracy fire a little more...

Yoong Family said...

solb1, if that was true, that would explain A LOT of things in the last 20 years...!

Anonymous said...

I tried to do my own research a couple of years ago. I googled UMNO and Freemason. Found tons of links I didn't know where to start!

Solbi-wan Kenobi said...

LOL. I'd be very disappointed if by now y'all didn't try googling 'Mahathir' and 'freemason'.

OuiOui said...

I'm speechless.

lucia said...

if i remember correctly, i did hear that there is a freemason office in penang. it was at that big white squarish building where many people said to be haunted, at jalan utama (formerly western road), junction of er... couldn't remember... brown road perhaps. there is a big round circle round in front of the building facade, where some rumours goes that heads will be hung there.

Dilip Mutum said...

Thanks for your comments guys.
Nizam: If you put PAS and Freemasons, you would probably get more hits. ;-)

Solb1 Kenobi: And regarding Mahathir and Freemansons, these are just rumours spread in opposition forums. So go figure. No real evidence.

However, the fact is that Freemasons are in Malaysia.

narrowband said...

I am so going to watch Da Vinci Code, man! The trailer is crappy though. No scenes or snippets from the movie wan :p

BabyPink said...

the freemasons are everywhere. i know lots of freemasons here in the philippines.:)

i am also awaiting "batman begins" and "da vinci code". i also want to watch "mr. and mrs. smith".:)

Kervin said...

I didn't even know that the Freemasons were in Malaysia until I read the article about them in the Star. If I remember correctly Christians are forbidden to have any involvements with them, but its still a curiosity that they are found here. Surprisingly most people say many of their members are profesionals and quite well to do hehe, wonder why so secretive until recently, at first I thought they were banned.

Anonymous said...

Frankly I've never taken any interest in the Freemason = Dajjal theory. All eggs in the moonshine to me. The Zionists in Israel, however, are a different story.


Anonymous said...

"If I remember correctly Christians are forbidden to have any involvements with them,"...

Well, actually it's just some weird evangelicals that are forbidden to join. And Catholics, but that's been left up to the local Archbishops... the Vatican doesn't enforce the Papal Bull excommunicating us like it used to. *We* don't have any particular religious requirements, other than you be a monotheist. There are plenty of Christians, a few Catholics (because their Archbishop turns a blind eye), Jews, Muslims, and just plain non-denominational, non-sectarian people who believe there is a God, like myself. Religions have a tendancy to hate us when they are absolutists, as we are willing to accept people of all faiths as long as they *have* faith in the one we call The Supreme Architect.

Yes, we're everywhere. In countries where we've been outlawed (dictatorships, Communist regimes, did you know the Nazi's had a special bureau of the SD just hunt us down?) we go underground. All of the charters, regalia, etc., of the Grand Lodge of Cuba is now held in trust by the Grand Lodge of Texas. It was smuggled out, and is currently waiting for Castro to die and his regime to collapse.

Please remember that The Da Vinci Code is a work of fiction that has a sprinkling of facts tossed in. For the real deal about us, try this link:


The Masonic Service Association does a lot for the Freemasons in North America, and other countries as well. Many of their publications are used in lodges as reference material; I used a lot of their "Short Talk Bulletins" myself when I was Master of my lodge in 2000. Any answers you find there will most certainly be accurate.

There are subtle differences from one jurisdiction (Grand Lodge) to the next. For instance, lodges in England are laid out slightly differently from the ones in the US. But for the most part, we're identical around the world. Each jurisdiction is completely independant from all others; there is no body or "higher" authority than the Grand Lodge of the country (or in the case of the US, state) in which you live.

Just wanted to shed a little light on the subject.

Past Master, Hiram Lodge #13, Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

Anonymous said...

am quite surprised about ignorance of freemasons in malaysia. they have been around for a long time now and quite open about their existence, more so of late. i have a few friends in the circle, have seen their suits and other apparel plus symbols, and find them to be a band of very learned men. have yet to join them though. i prefer to think of them as an alumni of sorts with the ceremonies just to liven things up. never fear the unknown, just get curious and find out about it.

Anonymous said...

Tokdalang... and anyone else... one thing I forgot to mention. I'm not sure about Malaysia, but in the US and UK, it's a long-standing tradition that you will never be "asked" or "invited" to join. YOU have to ask US to join... you must come of your own free will and accord. It's a meaningful tradition, but sad in many ways; there are plenty of sons who wondered for years why their fathers never asked them to be Masons, while all that time the fathers were heartbroken that their sons never asked to join.

If you're interested, contact the secretary of the local lodge. Ask your friends about it. There are certain things we can't talk about, but they are surprisingly few. I'm sure your friends would be happy to answer your questions.


Anonymous said...

Wow, you have researched the Knight's Templar!! I have a friend who is obsessed with the Knight's Templar, she wrote her Master's thesis based on the Knight's Templar...I must admit that this society is indeed very interesting.

There's a FreeMason society right here in Sabah too...

Anonymous said...

Anybody who interested to know what's going on in the world currently please read latest book on Zionist/Freemason by Matthias Chang Future Fastforward: The Zionist Anglo-American Empire Meltdown

ISBN/EAN No: 9676904119

Future FastForward puts forward the author, Matthias Chang's case with a viewpoint that hammers an irreparable dent in the social, economic and political myths promulgated by the West and poses a formidable challenge to the Western media's ongoing propaganda.

Anonymous said...

To the previous poster: that search returns only 1 page of replies, all of which are opinions not backed by any sources. Any moron can post anything on the internet. In fact, you're reading something from one of them right now.

Anonymous said...

just need to know that freemasons are the ultimate enemy in Islam as they have came up with this idea first. Never, never join a freemason soc.

dA^yEViL said...

if you guys wanna know more about freemasonry in malaysia try visiting my blog. http://parapla.blogspot.com and there is an article i wrote about how freemasonry started in malaysia... and there will be more stories soon... working on my article right now... will post them as soon as my research complete...

nota untuk Syiah said...

Mr. Ok lah. I refer at your statement before. First, on your way to Ipoh, u saw a Dewan Freemason with their logo.

So, can you describe to me exactly the name of the place, may be pekan, kampung, mukim apa??

What is the landmark kat situ? thanks a lot...


Dilip Mutum said...

Fansuri: Not really sure about the road but there were lot of big houses in the area and is quite near to the Ipoh bus station.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...
Actually Freemasonry is descended from an Islamic brotherhood named the Builders, I believe... things do take strange turns

2/03/2006 06:44:00 AM

Islam has nothing to do with Freemasonry. In fact, we do not accept the Freemason philosophy at all. If you have met/were to meet any Muslims who are Freemasons, then these people are not true Muslims at heart. You cannot call a Muslim just because his birth certificate says he is a Muslim. You call a Muslim a Muslim by the way he behaves and his intentions. Same goes to other believers of different religions.

It's not about what you wear even. A person who is covered head to toe doesnt make him/her a Muslim either. I know so many so called 'Muslims' who are covered in layers of textile and yet they know nothing about Islam/ even behave like what a Muslim should be.

Anyways, Freemasonry started all the way back to the Crusades in the 12th century. Crusades were done in the name of Christian faith, when actually it was just a facade for materialistic pleasures.

At that time Europeans were going through poverty, whereas the there was wealth and propsperity in the East,and this attracted the Europeans.

Hence, Crusades was born with a religious mask, all for the sake of wealth.

This was the reason for the sudden change for the Christian Europeans from their former pacifist policies , in earlier history, towards military aggression.

Pope Urban 2, summoned the council of Clermont in 1905, whereby the pacifist doctrine was abandoned. A war in the name of religion was called for, with the intention to save the holy lands from the hands of the Muslims.

Historian says that Pope Urban 2's did this because he wanted to thwart the candidacy of a rival to the papacy, in the meantime, kings,wueens, princes, princess and aristrocrats agreed to the pope's call with excitement, as the were thinking more about the money they could get.

Donald Queller from the University of Illinois says

" the French knights wanted more land, the Italian merchants hoped
to expand trade in the Middle Eastern ports... Large numbers of poor
people joined the expediditons simply to escape the hardships of their
normal lives."

This greedy mass slaughtered many Muslims, and even Jews, in hopes
of finding gold and jewels. The crusaderts even cut open the stomachs
of those who had killed to find gold and precious stones the victims
may have swallowed before they died. So great was the material greed
of the crusaders that they felt no qualms in sacking the Christian
city of Constantinople (Istanbul) during the Fourth Crusade,
when they stripped off the gold leaf from the Christian frescoes
in the Hagia Sophia.

There were 9 French knights who did further excavation in the Temple of Solomon. and there they found the ancient egyptian knowledge such as the Kabbalah.

Many would think that Kabbalah existed within Judaism, however, this pagan doctrine was actually adopted from the Ancient Egyptian culture.

These 9 French knights brought back this knowledge to europe, apart from the wealth they stole, and in Europe they were among, or perhaps the richest people around. The Knights Templars was started by these 9 knights, and slowly they started to recruit members underground and were doing rituals that were againts Christianity.

Rumours got around, and King Phillip the Fair of France decided to execute the Knights Templars with the permission of the vatican church.

Many were executed, but some managed to escape to Scotland, as it was the only country that was not recognized by the Vatican church at that time. The knights templars came to scotland and disguised as the Mac Benach Wall Builders. and Thats how they got the 'Free-Masons' name. They got the protection from the King of Scotland at that time, King Robert the Bruce.

Later, King phillip of France found out about these Masons in Scotland, and sent a letter to Robert de Bruce. The masons were asked to leave Scotland.

So there you have it, Freemason has nothing to do with Islam, or even the true original faiths of Christianity or Judaism.

It is Freemasonry that has infested the true nature of Christianity and Judaism. All 3 monotheist religions are againts war, and are againts people from pursuing material desires only.

Anway, i can go on and on about Freemasonry.

My father is a Freemason, and i have many Freemason magazines at home printed only for Freemason members.

Freemason is a disease to mankind really.Freemason doesnt believe in another being more superior than the human beings and that world religions should be eradicated as it is a disease to human beings.

This is a decieving idea, as we all know. Godless philosophies have only caused war among people and nations.

Godless philosophies only drive people towards temporary materialistic desires, when quantum physics prove that everything that exist in the universe are 99.9999% empty and that they only exist as 2d perceptions projected at the sight center of our brains.

Anyways, there you have it my friends.


Dilip Mutum said...

Anonymous: Wow! That's got to be the longest comment ever. Really interesting. Thanks.

KaiserSoze said...

Commenting on anon comments-the long one- I dont think that u know about freemasons that much apart from cutting and paste some conspiracy theorists writing. The central tenet of the masons and indeed to be accepted into one is the belief in a Supreme Being (otherwise known as God)...how can we be godless when to be mason u must believe in one?

I am a muslim and a mason. I dont see one conflicting the other

KaiserSoze said...

oh btw Anon...do you even know why Robert De Bruce sheltered the Templars? becaused he was excommunicated by Rome and for him the Pope's enemies were his friends (though later a papal bull absolved De Bruce)

Dilip Mutum said...

Thanks for the info Erus.

Anonymous said...

Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely...
The real question is who is addicted to power & why?

There are many real issues concerning the future of the earth as a civilisation such as the sustainability of the planet & conflict of ideology.
Technological advances meant that food production had increased, therefore populations increase as well. This tends to put pressure on natural resources & the environment, so affecting global weather conditions, therefore affecting food production again.
All things considering, the basis of civilisation was the developement & education of humanity on an agricultural base.
In order for any civilisation to exist means a government is needed to bring together the complexity of groups, sub groups & interests within society.
The conundrum for civilisation is to get along with other civilisations whilst maintaining & expanding their base resources.
The case for war/conflict is usually due to the shortage of resources. So in this modern age we need to learn how to manage our resources for a sustainable future for generations to come. Education & an open mind is a vital key to enabling humanity to self manage & realize the limitations of the only resource a this point which is our planet.

The typical person is only concern about their parochial view & does not give consideration to others other than their peers. Such is the folly of most groups be it a village, religion. government etc..
The bigger picture never tends to be a concern other than the 'I'm better than you..or I've got more toys than you'..etc...attitude that is prevalent in a limited circle or be it on the international level.

So where are we as a global civilization? As you can see we have been at the crossroads for almost 900 years. Power seems to be the only reason that we have such conflicts around the world. Power stuggles & world domination reflect the internal fears of any group that only exist for themselves.
Humanity needs to wake up to the reality that we can exist on the 10 billion people scale with diversity & remain sustainable because we have the knowledge & ability to live harmonious with one another without having to resort to intimidation, oppression and pilfering.


Anonymous said...

If I were a political advisor, I would convince Obama to turn to Free Maconnery as this would help people remember he's not a muslim.

Anonymous said...

You should go to Harun Yahya's website and download his books (pdf format) and read his writings (all of his books are free to download). It's not just his book about the teaching of Islam but also the exposure of knights templar, freemason,kabbala, etc...if you have the interest for it.
Afaik, the building you mentioned in Ipoh is a Mason building based on the symbol you saw. I lived in Ipoh and alwalys watching the building suspiciously whenever I go to Medan Gopeng,though nothing I know what is happening on the inside.

Umair Faiz said...

mmm. maybe u shud watch the arrivals on youtube. it might help u.

Unknown said...


Watch that video, part 35 till the end, before you watch the beginning of it, which is part 1 till part 51.

It tells all about Freemason/Illuminati, the end of the world, the false Messiah. Up to you to believe it. But it makes sense if you think about it.

Anonymous said...

why are they hiding? there must be something wrong..

open your eyes!!

did u read the comments by this 'anonymous' guy.. he is corrupted! it's all about mind control!!




Kudo Shinichi said...

Well, George Bush Junior is a Skull and Bones. Wake up...except JFK was assasinated by freemason CIA agents!!! Well, they are occults...dangerous to real security.

notfrompenang said...

I used to know an old surgeon from Penang where he was (maybe still is) the member of a freemasonry society in Penang. The meeting point was a small house (not the haunted house) on one of street going towards Pulau Tikus (next to RAAF?). They were pretty open about it, even had a banner telling that they meet every wednesday night. Not sure if they moved, but the banner had since long gone..

akem said...

many unsolved conspiracies and speculations in m'sia actually....
i've spent almost one year in researching about freemason and i can conclude that this organization is the agenda of the jews (zionist)..
but there is one thing we all should know...
many of our politicians have fell for it ...

Dr M? Anwar ? Najib?
and what about Pak Lah?

im totally believe PakLah is not one of them....

past few years, Mastika have reveiled this secret society in their magazine....

it helps me a lot...

this organization use the concepts of unity(to be one, one's should believe in GOD) in order to achieve their agenda.... but not all Masons know the truth.... they have been manipulated....
i believe freemason have a lot to do with all the modernization now a days( from a long time ago)

freemason is an ultimate enemy of ISLAM~!

everything have been stated in our Al-Quran....

Max said...

I am working for one of freemasonry but to me there is nothing wrong with the movement of the freemasons.They form a foundation(Joseph Eu Foundation) to distribute scholarship to the children of our own without counting they are Muslim Hindu Christian or any religion.
This kind of NGO that we need to help our country to move forward to achive our vision 2020

Dilip Mutum said...

I am removing all Anonymous comments here. Sorry, but if you want to comment leave a valid name and link.

Healthy Foods said...

I'm from Indonesia and I'm a moslem. I think it is tragic that freemanson can spread in malaysia. Malaysia is a great moslem nation and the freemanson's doctrine can be handled.

evil said...

wants to know more the other side of masonry and their philosophy?read harunyahya's book.

amiramones said...

plz wake up and realize what is going on to our world. http://cumonwaykeup.blogspot.com/

Anonymous said...

forget it guys. If ur are moslem enough than lets do ibadah. This is some kind of interruption. Its like politics, can be addicted to it. Or racism, make us hate each other.

Anonymous said...

So many things said.. But i am saying this : my father is a member in the lodge @ 213 jln tun razak. We despise the fact that he is part of the society, but there is nothing that my mother and i can do about it. The lodge has moved to a different location last couple of years though.

My mother witnessed the rituals performed @ their meetings.. And for muslims it is definitely unacceptable.

Anonymous said...

freemason hall ipoh terletak .sederet dengan istana sultan perak di ipoh....sebenarnya freemason dah bertapak berdekad lamanya di malaysia.hampir di setiap negeri ianya berada.dimana setiap cawangan dikenali sebagai lodge diiringi ngan angka yang menunjukkan lokasi.operasinya amat bahaya unutk diulas kerana ianya membabitkan ramai pemimpin dalam umno dulu dan sekarang.kerana mereka inilah yang mengatur semua perjalanan sesebuah negara seperti yang dimahukan pihak freemason yahudi.tak hairan nama malaysia sudah dirancang dari tahun 1800 lebih lagi.....dan tak hairan juga bendera kita mirip bendera us(negara bapa freemason)....

Anonymous said...


niduf said...

i think all of you better watch 'THE ARRIVAL'....U WILL KNOW MUCH MORE FROM THERE...

Anonymous said...

i Would Love To Be a free Mason,Would Someone Contact me..i Am in Malaysia,email is bmorohundiiya@yahoo.com..Thanks

stallionsatu@yahoo.ca said...


Your mother never witnessed any ceremony and quit the BS, because women are not permitted in a lodge

These men serve the community in ways you can not immagine They have built hospitals for burned children and supported many needs for many people and never ask for recognition and neverand I say never.defend themselves against negative misinformation. Some of you may have directley or indirectley benefited by their cahrity and good cause and not even know it.

You need to think...is your government as charitable..or are they just after your tax dollars. These good men help!!!!

Anonymous said...

i wat to be freemason member how??

Anonymous said...

who needs to get saved today in malaysia? RayConder@hotmail.com

Anonymous said...

Hi i would like to know about this mason's im really searching about it since last few months can anyone help me how to find them in Pulau Penang and how to join this? If someone has any details about it so please contact me on my email alishah_hussainy@hotmail.com
Would be glad to know abou it.


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