23 November 2005

Top 5 Malaysian Ecommerce Companies

This is my list of the top 5 ecommerce companies in Malaysia.

I have actually made transactions through their websites. So it is based on experience and has nothing to do with the results of the 11th Malaysia Internet User Survey conducted by AC Nielsen last year.

(In descending order)

1. Airasia.com: AirAsia Bhd. (http://www.airasia.com)

It is actually the first Airline in Asia to implement ticket less travel. Passengers make booking directly buy tickets online and just use a booking number to check in. They beat airlines in more developed countries like Japan, South Korea and Singapore. Malaysia Boleh!

It is no surprise that it was voted as the most popular website for online shopping in the survey conducted by AC Nielsen. In fact in March this year, it was reported that about 55% of ticket sales is generated online. (AirAsia: Online sales have eclipsed offline sales, Star In Tech, 8, March 2005, p. 3).

The website is available in seven different languages, including four on its Malaysian site. Registered members also receive promotions online though e-mails. Makes it the number one e-commerce company in Malaysia.

2. Maybank2u.com.my: Maybank Bhd. (http://www.maybank2u.com.my/)

It can be quite funny when people still associate e-commerce with buying and selling products over the net. Online banking also comes under the broad definition of e-commerce and I can say without fear that, Maybank2u.com.my is the most popular online bank in Malaysia.

I love the fact that besides paying bills online, I can also transfer money to accounts in other banks as well as pay online merchants. We can even top up our telephone prepaid cards.

NEGATIVE: I hated it when they started changing fees for transactions but we have no choice. C.K. Hooi pointed out that customers can't use the online service after midnight MST, which is opposed to the idea of online banking as a 24/7 service.

3. Lelong.com.my: Interbase Resources Sdn. Bhd. (http://www.buysell.com.my)

Malaysia’s pioneer auction portal, company has a bit of an identity crisis. Following a rebranding exercise in January 2002, Lelong.com.my was renamed buysell.com.my but I see that it has quietly gone back to using the name Lelong.com.my again.

Never the less, it remains the most popular auction portal despite the entry of the American auction giant, E-bay into the Malaysian Market.

NEGATIVE: Their web is a bit too cluttered for my liking. Could do with a major redesign.

4. Blooming.com.my: Blooming Florist Sdn Bhd. (http://www.blooming.com.my)

One of Malaysia’s first e-commerce companies. Blooming Florist began operations in 1981. They now deliver worldwide through through its membership in Interflora Pacific Unit Ltd.

They allow payment through credit cards or through bank transfers, including Maybank2u. Ordered a bouquet of lilies with orchids for my wife’s birthday recently. She loved it and I am one satisfied customer.

NEGATIVE: The website design is rather plain but I guess it serves its purpose. Could do with a major redesign job.

5. Dominos.com.my: Dommal Food Services Sdn Bhd. (http://www.dominos.com.my)

The ‘Malaysian Book of Records’ has endorsed it as the 1st Fast Food online service in Malaysia. Now if you are too lazy to call for a pizza, just order online. The “30 minutes to customer's doorstep” commitment still applies.

No credit card? Don’t worry! Terms of payment is Cash On Delivery.

NEGATIVE: Limited areas of delivery and definitely not in Kedah.

Would love to hear what you think about the list. Please feel free to share your experiences and whether you agree with my list. If you have other companies in mind, tell me.


Rozhan said...

Dear ah ok lah, can I know where u got the gmail icon tag. Can't find it anywhere. Love your blog.

Gazard7 said...

Here is my experience...
AirAsia - no complaint
Maybank2u - kind of lame, after midnight always out of service
Lelong - agree with u, too cluttered!
the rest never tried.

Dilip Mutum said...

Aremai: Thanks, Check out this site: http://services.nexodyne.com/email/

Gazard: Have linked up with you. Maybank - Oh yeah I forgot about that. I thought that e-commerce banking was supposed to be 24/7/365 operations.

Gazard7 said...

Yah, kind of funny and I still remember the petition that go against Maybank from charging all Maybank2U users annual fee.

Rozhan said...

Thanks for the e-mail icon generator info. I've done mine up.

Cheeky Monkey said...

I am a Maybank2u user and so far I have not much problems with it really. I find it very convinient. I used to have lots of problems paying bills, now it's just a click away and no more late payments! But my family is always saying it's dangerous to do everything online....do you agree on that?

Lrong Lim said...

Air Asia ok lah... but wonder why I cannot find the urge to try transacting with other companies...

Dilip Mutum said...

Cheeky Monkey & Lrong: I guess a lot of customers in Malaysia still don't have confidence in Malaysian e-commerce companies.
I have carried out a number of online transactions and have faced no problems. Paying for our dinner at a restaurant is much more riskier. However it is always wise to take the necessry precautions while making online purchases.

Anonymous said...

Shows the true meaning of "global" that has entered into the world since the rise in popularity of ecommerce on the Internet.

Unknown said...

Can someone tell me that from where and how i can get the list of total e-commerce companies in malaysia.

Mike said...

Great info here

aizat said...

thanks.help me a lot to find big e-commerce companies.

boy said...

Maybank2u : 2 Thumb up.
Pizza Huts: 2 Thumbs Down...Down..(very Bad).
Dominos 2 thumbs up...

ladycooper said...

any comment on the eCommerce Trend for year 2012?

Dilip Mutum said...

Hi Ladycooper: Currently based in the UK now but would love to update this list someday.

123Malaysia.com said...

While this list is 7 years old, the info is still relevant till to date, even though it needs some add-on to the current trend!

mbay.my said...

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