13 September 2007

Skin care products for pigmented skin

I thought I had oily skin but I have been having dry skin problems since I got here in the UK, especially in the winter. Have been helping myself with my wife's moisturizing creams. Talking about skin care, I learnt that it is important to find the right skin care products for your type of skin. aivng friends inthe cosmetic industry has helped me understand a bit about skin care products. However, I just learnt that it may not be enough to simply divide skin into four categories: dry, normal, combination and oily.

ORIKI Cosmeceuticals has a range of products specially formulated for people with born with pigmented skin. These products are meant specifically for those with Asian, Mediterranean and other Olive (AMO) skin types. AMO skin types apparently respond differently to UV and scarring as compared to white skin. Skin pigmentation problems also take longer to resolve and is more resistant to treatment than fair skin. ORIKI solves this by incorporating the pigmentation factor into the skincare line specially formulated for people with AMO skin.

The fact that their range of products are designed by an American Board Certified Dermatologist and Biochemist, is really reassuring.

I know that most guys don't like to talk about cosmetics because it's not exactly a "macho" topic. I guess it is the advent of the metrosexual male that has really changed the way men look at skin care products and personal hygiene. Some years back you won't have caught me talking about such products on my blog.


Anonymous said...

UK weather can be nasty and if ur skin is not taken care off, it peels off easily. I started to use facial cream there and I am still using it today e'though I'm back in the country for many years.

Maybe u'll go the same process...

Mike said...

Do you know if this Oriki brand is in the US? I haven't seen it here. By the way your mention about skin care not being considered "macho" well I always tell my guy friends they should care about their skin because they need to stay looking good so they can get the ladies. Say that line it always shuts them up ;)


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