13 September 2007

Myvesta Foundation Individual Voluntary Arrangement

Today Chancellor Alistair Darling has asked banks in the UK to be more selective in lending. Debt is an issue of concern here with consumer debt soaring to record levels (£1.35 trillion, according to a BBC report).

A lot of people in serious debt often see bankruptcy as the only way out. They think they have no choice. However, according to the Myvesta Foundation, a lot of these people would prefer to avoid bankruptcy if given an option. Entering into an Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA) with creditors to repay some of what they owe over a sensible time period is a rather attractive option. Often people would rush into commercial IVA organisations after watching their ad on TV. If you are considering bankruptcy or thinking of an IVA, call Myvesta at 0800 1116 885. You can even chat with them online for free.

Myvesta UK Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA) were developed in conjunction with a firm of auditors and chartered accountants. Customers would be provided with a unique solution that best fits each person. FYI, the Myvesta Foundation was created to fill the need for qualified, compassionate debt assistance that worked for consumers. Their founder, Steve Rhode himself went through personal bankruptcy in 1990. he came up with this service to provide real help to people in trouble. Their website carries a number of free and helpful information about almost every topic related to debt issues.

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Anonymous said...

Adam-great post. In the USA we cannot file bankruptcy any longer. Only giant corporations can do that! We are stuck with our debt until it is paid.

Things are bad all over.


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