23 November 2007

Broadband connection cut off

Our internet broadband connection at home is down. I am in the process of changing from my service provider from AOL to TalkTalk.

There are a few reasons I am changing from AOL. At first I was quite happy with their service but later found that my friends were enjoying faster broadband speeds and it seems to be getting worse.

I also have had to call their customer service 4 times in a duration of 2 months. I got connected to a call center in India each time and everytime didn't solve my problem. In the end I had to solve the problems myself with the help of some IT savvy friends. What made it worse was that I was charged 5p per minute for the calls to their customer service.

After being unable to access the net for 2 consecutive days, I finally decided to cancel my broadband subscription. My contract with them had ended as well a few days back. Imagine my reaction when I found out that they had ALREADY cut my broadband connection BUT WERE STILL BILLING ME.


We have signed up for the Talk2 International with Broadband package from TalkTalk. The phone line comes with free broadband. Best of all, calls to their customer service is absolutely FREE. They promise "up to" 8MB broadband speeds and 40GB usage allowance but I am sceptical. Waiting for their modem and the setup CD to arrive. I will conduct a broadband speed test as soon as I have it up and running.

Till then, I won't be blogging that much.


kljs said...

Sorry to hear that your broadband is limited. Hopefully, everything will be resolved soon.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Having been a previous AOL customer I can understand your frustration! For one I didn’t like there parental control system, that as a parent restricted access to a range of applications.

I also was billed for three months after my connection was cut, apparently it was my responsibility to stop the direct debit.

I haven’t tried the Talk Talk broadband package, but was made aware that the phone line comes free. It is also surprising to hear their customer service line is free as most are not.

Be sure to keep us updated on how the new package goes.


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