23 November 2007

Two 3 Skypephones

Look what arrived through the post yesterday:

Not one ...

but two 3 Skypephones.

One is white while the other one is black. These are among the first 3 Skpyephones to be issued and I will be trying them out for a month.

The phone comes with Skype built in. That means that I can make (and receive) Skype calls to (and from) anyone in the World for free. This 3G phone has a 2 megapixel camera, bluetooth and came with a 256MB micro SD memory card. It was quite easy to use but I haven't tried all the functions as yet.

I will write an in-depth review of the phone later in my SEO Expert blog.

In the dark.

The phone was designed by UK mobile operator 3 and Chinese mobile manufacturer Amoi and built by the later.

You can get the phone for free with a monthly contract (minimum £12/ month plan) or for £59.99 £49.99 on "Pay as you go" (or £59.99 with £10 starter top-up).

Thanks to Matt from 3mobilebuzz.com.

Update: Matt writes that the phone retails at £49.99. Sorry about that.
Actually, I got the info from the 3 Store site. Seems that they have updated the info now.


BabyPink said...


i've never tried skype because i have ym and i can talk to friends through that. is skype better orreally good?
what i want to get is an apple iphone!:)

kljs said...

My distrust of skype is before they previously are the developers of Kazaa...... I still refused to install skype on my computer no matter who told me too... even long time users like my uncles.


Anonymous said...

cool! never know there's a phone with skype. how come you have 2? 1 is your missus one?

i haven't try before skype on my PC but i do like to try it one day.

Anonymous said...

posting this comment from the phone. Skype is great. I use it all the time especially to call overseas using Skypeout. i was given the two phones to review.

Anonymous said...

BTW, that was me above. Still in the process of getting used to the phone.

Unknown said...

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Anonymous said...

Great... I'm starting using Skype. I think one day I'll get something like this.

BTW... what are u going with two of them? send one to me(ha ha ha).


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