28 April 2007

Sat nav ready

Check out my new toy!

This seems to be the favourite phrase of bloggers whenever they show off a new gadget they have acquired. I too am guilty of the same and have done so a few times in the past.

Recently bid and won a gadget on e-bay. It's definitely not a toy though I was playing around with it a bit when we received it by mail today. After getting lost in Nottingham, we realised that we really needed one.

I am talking about my new TomTom ONE Sat Nav. It's not actually new but the previous owner really maintained it nicely as I can't see a single scratch on it.

Previously, I was thinking of getting a PDA with sat nav but the ones I wanted were way too costly and out of my budget. In the end I decided to go for the TomTom ONE.

The TomTom One has loads of features. This includes among others:
- Plug and Go: Works straight out of the box.
- High quality touchscreen. The screen is 3.5 inches diagonally, which is quite good enough for me.
- User-friendly menu with high resolution graphics.
- Fast GPS signal fix. Took about a minute when I first tried it out.
- Safety camera information. Very important here in the UK as the fine can be really heavy.
- Car speed linked volume.
- Searchable postcode digits.
- It also has dynamic routing. Say you miss a turning, it will automatically redirect you to a new route.
- Includes points of interest. Great if you are on holiday and looking for banks, rest areas or museums.
- The user interface now includes 22 languages, including Bahasa Malaysia (called Ella). However, I prefer Jane (UK English).

I also like the fact that it is quite lightweight and can fit easily inside my trousers pocket. There have been a spate of sat nav thefts in the West Midlands and I am definitely not going to risk losing it by leaving it in the car for all to see.

Checked various online retailers and the cheapest is in Amazon.com = £155.84. However, you may be able to get it cheaper (like we did) on eBay!

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