Friday, April 06, 2007

High Tea at Nottingham

Drove to Nottingham yesterday, the second time this year. Our friend Amrul had invited us for high tea at his house, which he rents with a Thai and a Vietnamese friend (a mini Asean).

My wife had printed out the directions from the RAC website. It was really rubbish. I personally prefer the AA Route planner, which is way more detailed.

power_plantThere was a lot of traffic on the motorways (M6, M69 and M1) and after a really stressful drive, we finally reached Nottingham. We left the M1 at junction 24 (following the RAC directions). We realised that the route was different from the one we had taken last time when we passed the Ratcliffe-on-Soar Power Station.

Ultimately we got lost and we had to call for help. We really, really need a GPS sat nav. One of Amrul's housemates found us at the University of Nottingham's West gate and led us all the way to their house.

Amrul is a great cook. He was really kind to make some vegetarian dishes for me. Take a look at the Tiramisu he made.

hi_teaOther Malaysian friends, Shah and Zarina (also PhD scholars at the University of Nottingham) also joined us later with their kids. They also brought along some goodies they had cooked up.

Delicious. We still have some left overs we brought back in the fridge.

Fortunately the way back was faster. I relied on my memory and instinct alone.


Dad of Four said...

Adam...Whe I saw the power stations - I realised how I really miss Notingham. This is the entry to Notingham when I used to drive back from London via M1! Ur friend is a wicked "chef"!

Rosydi said...

Adam...i prefer to use AA website to print out route maps. Have been to many places using directions from the AA :-)

Adam said...

D_O_F: Yes he is. I guess nothing surprising as all the best chefs in the World are men.

Rosydi: It's our fav. too. However, I think we need a GPS sat navigation.


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