Tuesday, April 03, 2007

PDA with sat nav

Initially I had planned to buy a dedicated in-car GPS Satellite Navigation system, with my main choice being the Tom Tom One.

After discussing with a lot of my friends, I later changed my mind. It seems that it might be a better idea to buy a bluetooth enabled PDA + an add on GPS Navigation System.

I don't really need the latest PDA with GPS sat nav built in.

Any suggestions?


Shawn Knight said...

I use a Treo 700p Smartphone, acts as a cell phone and PDA and a ton of other things. They sell add-on GPS software for it as well, although I have not tried any yet. Might be worth a look for a nice all-in-one device...

lucia said...

you might consider what i'm using now - dell axim x51v - the best dell PDA!! yes it has bluetooth of course and no GPS built-in. i don't use GPS as i'm clueless how it works. and you know me lah... stupid when come to techie stuff. although read i won't know how. unless got someone show me in person!

you can go to the popular PDA forum mypda cafe (http://www.mypdacafe.com) to look around about PDA and GPS. at this thread:

which is about dell axim, someone had reviewed GPS for axim.

Adam said...

Shawn: Sounds like a good idea to have all in one.

Lucia: It's actually on top of my list right now. They have a blue tooth GPS system to use in the car and compatible with the Axim X51(v) but it's a bit costly - £195.05.

Chris Merriman said...

If you see them around on e-bay, older iPAQ models have more than enough processing grunt to handle GPS software. When back in the UK, I use my 2210 with TomTom 5 and don't suffer any slowdowns.
If you do go that route, I'd also recommend downloading the speed camera database as a POI , it helps to keep the points to a minimum on your license ;>

Adam said...

thanks for the tips Chris.

Chris Merriman said...

Just got sent an ebuyer.com - if you use quickfind 118093 , you'll see a Navman F20 Sat Nav - for just under 115 quid.
Not sure if it is any good, just remembered your post, thought you might be interested

Adam said...

Thanks for the info Chris. I am bidding on ebay on a couple of items and hoping to get one below £100 but not sure as some of them have several hours to go.


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