25 April 2004

Gigantic E-Mail

I just signed up for Gmail, the much hyped new FREE e-mail service. So! What new? Ok, just read on.
Before I go on about Gmail, let me tell you about my other e-mail accounts. At present, I have 7 e-mail accounts. Many people ask me why I need so many. I still don't have a satisfactory answer. My first FREE e-mail account was with Hotmail. Of course you know by now, that this is the World's most popular e-mail service, which when I signed up, was still owned by Sabeer Bhatia and Jack Smith (the original co-founders). I still have the account and it's great because I can also use the MSN messenger too with the same account. Actually I have two hotmail accounts, one for friends and another, which I use for subscriptions. However Hotmail only offers 2 MB of storage space and you can send messages up to 1 MB each, including attachments.
I also have a Yahoo! account. I started it to take advantage of all the other Yahoo! features such as Geocities!, Yahoo groups and of course the Yahoo messenger. This service offers free 6MB space, has spam protection and virus scanning for email attachments. I also have a limited mailbox account with a web host where I host my own personal web site. I haven't used it except for some online subscriptions.
The problem with all the above free mail accounts was that the inbox would get clogged up soon and I would either have to delete all the old mail or get extra space (at an extra cost).
I also have an active Jaring e-mail account, which I don't use much anymore and of course my official purposes only 'office e-mail'. Now coming to the new free e-mail service I signed up for - Gmail. The only thing different is that it offers a gigantic, never before head of, 1000 megabytes (1 gigabyte) of free storage. Even my office account doesn't offer that much. According to them you'll never need to delete another message again (which might be a bit dangerous for some people. It’s from the people who brought you Google, the most popular search engine and is still in the Beta testing stage. Anyway, I am taking it for a test ride now.

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