25 April 2004

Trip to Genting

Went up to Genting Highland this weekend with my wife, her brother and Rahil. Two other friends, including Hardy (who makes regular comments on my tag board) joined us later. Since there were 6 of us, we rented an apartment there (Apartment Ria), which was quite reasonable at RM109 for a 2-bedroom apartment.
My wife was able to get us seats for the “New age circus” Fantastica. The 90 minutes show was amazing with mind blowing acrobatic acts. Hardy got to join in too when he was pulled up to the stage with 3 other guys to do some crazy act. Really funny. Despite the loud music blasting from their sound system, Rahil went off to sleep in the beginning of the act and woke up right at the end when the pyrotechnics went off. That’s what I call good timing.
It was nice to sleep without a fan or aircon and feel “natural” cold weather after such a long time.

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