Friday, January 11, 2008

Are you on Facebook?

Miami Univ.


Bristol University

Poke here, Poke there.


chics said...

I love facebook. Definitely a demon's tool!

VijayaraghavanP said...

the design of your blog is really good.. especially the tabs at the top.. i too have a blog, not so good as yours but still i try to make mine good.. will you concern yourself to include a link of my blog in yours? i have added yours. thanks...
my blog url is:
have a good day...

*lynne* said...

Thans for the vids, I've not bothered to actually see them when they are posted on my own Facebook Super Wall :D

I've been there since ~July 2007.. the main draw for me is hte Scrabulous application, which is a Scrabble rip-off,, and the owners of Scrabble have recently sent a cease-and-desist notice to Facebook to kill the application... noooooo!!! I do hope they resolve it such that people like me don't lose my fave FB application!! :P


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