Monday, October 29, 2007

Of car boot sales and stupid traders

We haven't gone to a car boot sale for a few weeks and was really looking forward to going to the one at Lea Marston this weekend. Unfortunately the skies opened up and we were about to cancel our plans when I remembered that CJs at Stonleigh was held under cover (meaning under a roof).

So we set off for Stoneleigh. We haven't been there for a long time and was kind of looking forward to it. When we got there there was an enormous queue of cars. Apparently there was some exhibition or something going on over there as well.

The car boot sale was kind of disappointing. I guess we were too late and most of the good stuff had been sold. One thing I noticed was that overall, it seemed that stuff were costlier here and the sellers were not really into bargaining. One incident really spoiled my day. There was a trader selling a used Sony CD player that caught my eye. As I normally do, I tried to bargain and you won't believe it, this guy actually told me to "Fok Off!". For a minute I was shocked which was taken over by feelings of anger.

"If you don't like bargaining, you probably shouldn't be selling at a car boot sale Ar$£&*!e".

I guess there are stupid people everywhere. Someone told me that traders really spoil the atmosphere in a car boot sale. From my experience, the car boot sales I really liked were those with a lower percentage of traders. If you want to enjoy your car booting experience, stay away from them.

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philo sandeen said...

are you sure it was a booter and not c.j himself.he uses words like that to everybody.


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