Thursday, October 26, 2006

Car Booty in Coventry

A few days after we arrived in the UK, we were introduced to the favourite weekend pastime of most Malaysian families here in Coventry (and non-Malaysian families too, if I dare say). The famous car boot sales.

Going to a car boot sale is always an exciting experience – find something you fancy, the bargaining, etc. You will be surprise at some of the stuff you find at these sales. As they say, “someone else’s junk, another man’s treasure.” Our favourite is CJ's Car Boot Sale - Coventry at Stoneleight Park. Here is the address: B4113, Stoneleigh, Coventry, Warwickshire, CV8 2LZ.

Last week was a disappointment as it was held in a open air field (usually they hold it in a covered place). The place was muddy and with a chilly wind blowing in our faces. Also we reminded ourselves not to bring the kids along. Rahil was in a bad mood. Also this time there were fewer sellers as compared to the week before.

As I mentioned before, Malaysians (mostly students) love to visit the car boot sales and it becomes something like a small get-together – you will bump into at least 6 different families at each sale. Their houses are stocked with stuff they bought at great bargain prices - “Got that mini Hi-Fi at £5!” “The entire Royal Dalton bone china dinnerware set for £6”.

We too got some great bargains. For example, a portable Sony Trinitron TV for £4. A brand new Ikea clock for 80p, unused Cristal d’arques 6 glass set (with the box and stickers) for just 50p among others.

However, we learnt a few lessons along the way. What we thought was a great deal for an entire dinner set turned out to be a disappointment when we found out that several of the plates and bowls had chipped edges. Also found out that a Lucent phone (£3) isn’t compatible with our line. It is always a gamble but we never come back without buying something. However, we are more careful now. We are learning a lot from the car boot professionals here on how to bargain, how to check the items, what brands to look out for and so on.

Looking forward to the next Sunday car boot sale. The weather forecast is sunny but we never know.



ann said...

ah miss those! eid mubarak

J said...

Wow - sounds like a fun sorta treasure hunt/ adventure...

Hey.... no photos though?

AlanK said...

sure you will have fun here


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