Monday, August 13, 2007

Car boot at Lea Marston

Yesterday we drove to Birmingham to Mozard and Nana's place who then took us to their favourite car boot at Lea Marston in North Birmingham. Check out the North Birmingham markets and car boots site here for more details.

Lea Marston car boot
I have to say that of all the car boot sales I have been to, this is probably the best so far. Lot of choices and real bargains. Take a look at some of the stuff we bought there:
Lea Marston car booty

After the bargaining, we were really hungry. So off we went to Mozard and Nana's house where they quickly cooked up a few delicious dishes for us. We also learnt how to drink (and appreciate) tea the Chinese way.

Mozard and Imaan
Here's Mozard playing his new toy and my son was totally impressed (well, his daddy too actually).


N|i|N said...

Wow! Love the low clouds in that picture. Awesome!

Adam Mutum said...

Thanks. I was coming back after putting back some of the stuff in my car when I saw the clouds.


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