Sunday, June 03, 2007

Visitor Statistics

I do check my site statistics from time to time. Right now, I have several site meters running on the blog - don't ask me why. However, I find that Google Analytics provides the most informative visitor statistical analysis. Of course, you have to do the deeper analysis yourself.

It was quite interesting to learn that the 5 most popular page on my blog are:

1. Melayu Boleh.
2. Freemasons in Malaysia
3. Tricked into holding a contest
4. Keys to Our Apartment &
5. FAQs

The top 5 keywords used to get to my blogs were:

1. melayu boleh
2. flora damansara
3. ok lah
4. lah &
5. domain cheap

The top keyword used to get here as well as the top post on my blog, may be a proof of the theory that a there are a lot of naughty guys around searching for adult content on the net using certain keywords and unfortunately, a seemingly innocent phrase 'melayu boleh' happens to be one of them.

Anyway, I found out that most of my visitors are still from Malaysia. Take a look at the graph below (this year till date):

They make up 40.27% of the total visitors. It used to be around 80% middle of last year. This represents a drastic change in visitor statistics. As expected, visitors from UK come in second making up 17.81% of the total, closely followed by visitors from the US (17.70%).

Visitors from India have also more than doubled. It was less than 1% last year. Might have something to do with the fact that I joined Orkut recently. Read my post 'Most popular social networking site in India'.

Have you checked your site stats recently?



Azwan said...

wangcyber has launch another SEO chanllenge. wanna do tag team ?

dorischua said...

I'm pretty lousy on these things - know nuts about site meter :) I should look into learning more. Any tips??

Adam said...

Azwan: Been quite sometime since I last visited. Will go and check it out.

Doris: Just sign on with Google analytics and add your blogs. You can also sign up with or


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