Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Keys to Our Apartment

Last Friday I drove down to Bandar Damansara Perdana in the haze with face-masks on. We were really excited because we were finally going to receive the keys to our apartment.

Initially I had wanted to write to the newspapers and relevant authorities about the unfair treatment we received (read older entries here and here) from the developer but I decided not to after consulting with my friends. According to them, it won’t do any good and might ultimately harm us because bad publicity about a property can bring down the value. And I definitely didn’t want that to happen as we plan to rent out our apartment in the near future.

We went up to our unit to check for defects and also to ensure that all the fittings, etc., etc. were there as per our purchase agreement. The lifts were working and I noticed that they had cleaned up everything. I noted that they hadn't put in the fire extinguisher (near our door) yet.

We were satisfied that everything was in place. However we could not check the electrical sockets as we had not fixed any of the stuff yet. There was no water supply too. So how the hell are we going to check whether the drainage, faucets and toilet flushes are working?

We were definitely NOT satisfied with the finishing/ quality of work. It seems like the developer had done up the place in a hurry. There were hand print marks on the walls, some uneven tiles, one window that can’t be closed and stain marks. We have several months to complain and we took pics of all the defects. We will make sure they fix it all up.

Really, really disappointed with Saujana Triangle Sdn Bhd, a subsidiary of MK Land and developer of Flora Damansara where our apartment is located. Before this we had only heard praises about MK Land.

I know that ours is not a high cost property as compared to their other projects in the same area but we do have our rights as customers. For people withouot APs (like us), RM180K ++ is a huge amount of money for an apartment. Yes! It cost us that much.

They should realize that most of those who bought the apartments are young couples, buying their first property. As they say a satisfied customer is a good customer. On the other hand, an unsatisfied customer is a pissed off customer who might not come back again and is going to spread the word. And I am a pissed off customer now.

I wonder whether I shot myself in the foot (yeah, I am going to look for a tenant soon).

The apartment is actually not that bad. It is a corner unit (3+1, 1080 ft) with a really great view (green hills and a lake). In fact I think we have better view than the (more) expensive properties being developed by MK Land here (e.g., Perdana Emerald). I will put up some nice pics asap and you can decide for yourselves. The one I took that day really came out bad due to the haze. As it is a high rise apartment (we are somewhere in the middle), its quite airy and we felt cool even without any air-conditioning.
Got this from their website
The location is also ideal as it is near to One Utama, The Curve, Ikano Power center and Tesco, easy access to the Damansara-Puchong Highway (LDP). It is near to KDU & KBU private colleges, and a medical center is coming up soon.

Yeah! The good and the ugly.


Me said...

Hey !!! It looks beautiful....

yenli said...


i came across your page from google. i wanted to ask you, there was one entry where you mentioned about Freemasons in Malaysia. i am researching about freemasons. u said that you read an article in The star whereby their grand master comes out to talk about their fraternity.

i remembered reading that article too. but i was pretty sure that it was only a few days ago, if not a week or so. but your entry date was May 26, and definitely too long ago. can your emeber when was the article pub lished?

KaZ said...

Dude, I currently staying at Perdana Condo. Just for the time being, while waiting for my house in Kota Damansara to be completed.
Guess we're gonna be neighbors :)
When are you moving in..?

Yes 180k is aloooot of money. with the same amout, i bet you can get a semi-d in Kedah right?

Jen said...

I love getting keys to a new place! I am excited for you!

BabyPink said...

congrts to you for your new apartment. these apartments are like the HDB flats in singapore, yeah?:)

Simon said...

don't take any excuses from the developers, man. Insist do they everything properly, sometimes they get away with murder...

yee wei said...

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sweetspirits said...

Hi Adam
It looks nice :) do make sure they fix things,Looking forward to seeing more pics.
cheerz tcz

Adam said...

Thanks for your comments guys. I have taken a few pics - views from our balcony, which I will put up soon.

Yenli: The report in the Star came out a week or two before my post.

BabyPink: I am not sure about that. In Malaysia, buildings are classified differently based on price. Ours is classified as high cost apartment. Lower than a condomnium but higher than a low cost apartment.

Noticed some defects and we are in the process of writing to the developer to fix them up. If they don't then we will have to take it to the consumer's tribunal.

Lrong said...

'an unsatisfied customer is a pissed off customer who might not come back again and is going to spread the word. And I am a pissed off customer now.'
Can't agree more with you on this...
Anyway, congrats man... but why not live there to enjoy the nice views and cool air?

Acid said...

Ooooh, looks like i skipped reading this entry. damansara perdana there lorrr? RM180K? well, not so bad actually... i mean, damansara perdana is supposed to be the next hot spot or something aite? good investment, no doubt. but of ur gonna stay there, with that kinda money, i prefer buying a terrace somewhere and settle down. as for now, i'm still surveying. maybe in the next year and a half or another 2 years time baru beli loh. now you can be my sifu for that matter!

Anonymous said...


I am actually not very well equipped with property issues... but i am keen to purchase the Flora damansara apt.

Can someone tell me where i can find out more about this place? And would anyone be kind enough to email the things i should know about this apt?

Most importantly, i need to know whether it's a freehold property or otherwise.

Kindly e-mail me at shanice_o@hotmail.com


Adam said...

Hi Sanice, will contact you by e-mail soon.

Anonymous said...

Hi All,
I got a nice unit at Block E (the one with facilities) but only for Bumi-buyer.

Call me Khairul at 013-3426242 or email mkhairul@fapp.com.my
Website : www.fapp.com.my


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