Wednesday, April 06, 2005


Some frequently asked questions and their answers:

Q1. What does "Ah OK Lah" mean?
ANS: Refer to this post

Q2. Why and when was this blog started?
ANS: My first blog, which was posted on Monday, September 08, 2003, explains why I started this blog.

Q3. Are you ‘orang Kelate’ (from Kelantan)?
ANS: No, My dad works there.

Q4. Are you ‘oghang Kedah’ (from Kedah)?
ANS: No! I work here used to work there - for around 4 years until my contract ended and I had to leave for the UK. That's where I am now presently.

Q5. Why don’t you post pictures of yourself ?
ANS: The same reason I don’t identify my organisation by name. I prefer to remain anonymous to the general public. There are some parts of our lives, which we don’t want to share with everyone.
Going public also means that I have to be really careful with what I blog about. For example, I won’t be able to bitch about work anymore. However, it’s not that difficult to find out where I am from or where I am working. That is, if you really want to know.

Q6. Who's Rahil?
ANS: She's the light of my life, my darling daughter and yeah, I post a lot of pictures of her. Read the post I made after she was born here and the meaning of her name here.
rahil Rahil in Genting, Malaysia.

Q7.Do you make any money from your blog?
ANS: No I don't but there is no harm in trying I do make a bit from my blog but I am not rolling around in it. Read my post on money from blogs.

Q8. What do you blog about?
ANS: Almost anything. The ahoklah blog does not have a theme.
I do have another blog which is more topical, about the auto industry - Auto Lah!.

Q9.What does 'Tidak apa" mean?
ANS: It means 'never mind' or 'doesn’t matter' in Bahasa Malaysia. However, tidak apa attitude has a negative connotation. People are usually referring to the non-committal attitude or lack of seriousness of some Malaysians.

Q11. Is there an easy way to get back to your blog considering that the url is so hard to remember?
i) Bookmark my blog;
ii) Link to the blog or
iii) just type "ah ok lah" in Google and click the "I'm Feeling Lucky" button

Q10. How do I get on your blogroll?
ANS: i) Add a link to ah ok lah in your blog. You can use the html code given below:

ii) Inform me (e-mail) when you have put up the link.
ii) I will then add you to my blogroll asap.

1. The link must be on your Home page or a page linked to the home page
2. Zero tolerance for Pornography and Hate sites.

Q11. Is that you on your profile picture?
ANS: Of course. Why would I add a cartoon or someone else's picture? Only inscure guys do that.

Q12. What's that on your profile picture?
ANS: that's me snorkeling off Pulau Kapas in Malaysia. I am wearing a T-shirt because I had a bad experience of severe sun burn while snorkeling in the past. Now always snorkel with a t-shirt on.

Yeah! I made some of the FAQ up myself. if you got a problem with that, learn to deal with it.


mrkiasu said...

Are you sure ppl really ask so many question one. About the word 'lah' also they can ask question?

Golf Addix said...

Nice touch Adam
Opening the discussion abt anything have its pros and cons. For me , the pros are there to be discussed and shared, while the cons it is down to personal preference. I have recently get involved with blogspot , I guess u know who introduces me into this. But to be fair it is enlighting coz a number of focus group who looks at the blog gave their 100% support.
Keep it up bro...
Jack a.k.a @rm

Jinny said...

Why not do an environmentalists' FAQ :)

MunKit said...

rahil's cute! :)

Adam said...

Thanks for your comments guys.

MrKiasu: Yes! I m often asked about the name of my blog.

Jack: Thanks for visiting my blog.

Jinny: You can start off by asking me some questions ;-)

Munkit: Thanks.

kljs said...

wah! good FAQ! :)


sweetspirit said...

Hi Adam
valid points there ;) , i know what you mean about keeping ya blog id some what private .When i blogged a mblog i had one guy that so annoyed me,i felt like i was being cyber stalked hehe.
cheerz wish u a nice wkend tcz

Lucia Lai said...

you are not orang kelate, you are not orang kedah, then what orang are you?

hey, you gave me an idea. maybe one day i'll blog on something similiar to this but call it 'interviewing myself'. :)

BabyPink said...

nice one, adam.:)

yeah, since you're neither from kelate nor kedah, where are you from? KL?:)

Adam said...

I guess I will leave people guessing for a while. ;-)

audrey said...

Hi Adam! Dropping by your blog after months of busy life... wow, nice design you have! Love it. Btw, want to let you know that I have moved my blog to Do update your blogroll. ;) Hey, thanks for dropping by my blog once in a while.


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