Sunday, November 09, 2003

I am a father

Those who frequent my blog may be wondering why I have not been making any updates for quite sometime. It was because I was occupied with much more important matters.
I am now the father of a cute baby girl. She was born on the 29th of October (4th day of Ramadan) making her a scorpio like her mother. She was late by a week and we finally decided to induce the birth on the advise of the doctor.
After a long and painful 12 hour labour (I am not sure how my wife went through it as it was tough for me even without the pain) the baby was born by cesarean section. The doctor said that this was necessary as the baby had passed her stool in the womb and might go into distress any minute. I was right there in the operation theatre with my wife. It was really scary and I won't want to go through that again. The doctor found that the cord was wound around the baby's neck and was the reason why her head had not fully descended. Taking out the baby was quite fast as compared to stiching up the wound. As she might have swallowed some of her stool, known as merconium, she was quickly passed to another waiting doctor who cleaned her lungs by sucking stuff out (using some machine) though her nose and mouth . I was a bit anxious as she didn't make a sound as she was taken out of my wife's belly but was relieved when she let out an angry wail after a few minutes. It was a wonderfull feeling to hold the baby in my arms as I said the Azaan and the Qamat.

rahil.jpg (68173 bytes)

Rahil the day after she was born. The sleepless nights, feeding, changing diapers and putting her to sleep is a whole new wonderfull experience. Now its back to work after 7 days paternity leave and I really miss her.

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