Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Money From Blogs

Edited 9th Dec. 2006

It all started with my wife. She was pointing out that I spent a lot of time writing my blog or reading other people's blogs. She noted that if I put a fraction of the time/energy utilised + the passion, I would have completed my PhD in no time. She added "its not like you can get any money writing a blog".

It made me wonder, "Can bloggers actually make money from their blogs?"

On doing some research, I found out that there are actually several ways one can make money from their blogs without getting involved in scams.

1. Instead of using e-bay, you can use your blog to advertise the old stuff you are selling.

BTW, I have got some rare old handphones (Philips, Alcatel, Siemens / 3-5 years old with worn out batteries) if you are interested. I got rid of them before leaving Malaysia but I do have some interesting items here.

2. You can also take money from people to advertise their stuff on your blog.

Hey! My friend Hardy wants to rent out his new fully furnished condo in Cyberjaya. Anybody interested can contact me at ahoklah@gmail.com he already has a tenant.

3. Put up Google advertisements and hope that people click on them. Better still - tell all your family members and friends to click the ads regularly. This may violate Google's Program Policies.

You also need to be very popular to be able to earn something. I have been blogging for nearly 3 years now and I haven't even got my first cheque yet.

4. Get a domain name, host your blog there, increase your popularity until it becomes very famous and then sell it off to the highest bidder.

Actually, you need some creativity and of course, some good writing skills. Some controversy doesn’t hurt. But don't overdo it or you might be hauled off under the Internal Security Act (for people in Malaysia).

5. Set up an account with PayPal and ask people to donate to it for some stupid reason like – “Please donate! I need money to do a PhD" and hope that some kind old soul will have pity on you and donate that £9500 annually for a period of 4 years.

I know for a fact that there are a lot of people out there who don't know what to do with their money. I will give them hundreds of reasons.

You can also open up a new bank account and ask charitable people to put money into the account. I also accept cheques, contact me at ahoklah@gmail.com for more details.

NOTE: It would be nice if you can show that the money has been put into good use, like getting a brand new digital camera to take pictures and create awareness about environmental issues.

Can you think of other ways to make money from your blog without getting involved in scams.

p.s. Yeah! I earn some money from my blog but indirectly.

1) Research. Some people who read my posts invited me to join their projects
2) Webdesign. I have received few web designing jobs.
3) Writing. Have received invitations and presently contributing articles.



mrkiasu said...

I am running adsense and other affilliate program, but none seems to work out. I was wondering about this also.

Adam said...

I guess not many people are charitable ;-)

MooPig said...

But.. blogging gives you self-satisfaction which money can't buy, doesn't it? Well, at least for me. :)

LcF said...

Note that though Malaysian can open PayPal account and accept donation, BUT we are unable to withdraw the money from any local bank, yet.

@mrkiasu: you need a better adsense placement. Or, should I say,"MORE ads"? Try to put adsense INSIDE the content. :)

Acid said...

haha, i never thought of that. come to think of it, yeahhh... why not. there's some bloody rich people out there who don't have a clue on what to do with their money and ended up sniffing marijuana, PCP, Peyote and stuffs.

Adam said...

Lcf: I was not aware of that. We can see that Singapore and India are far ahead in terms of such things. They had pAyPal even before we did here in Malaysia several years ago.

Anonymous said...

paypal didnt recognize malaysia back a while ago because of to many fraud came from our country. but now paypal accept malaysian should use it wisely and try to put a stop to fraud and paypal account hijack.

Madder said...

face it Adam, ordinary bloggers like us just don't earn money via blogging. Period.


Adam said...

Its amazing the amount of fraud happening in Malaysia related to credit card, internet & of course the CD/VCD/DVD piracy. It seems like there are a lot of bright people out here but only thing is that they are using it for the wrong purposes. Imagine if they use their brains forgood - Malaysia would be one of the top destinations for IT investment in no time.

Saffron said...

I suppose if you have a lot of single friends you can put up their mugshots and hope one of your readers sees it. People who eventually get together can pay you a commission or something like that.

The downside is you really need a LOT of friends and pray there're no weirdo stalkers hanging around your blog. :)

SleekBlackMercedes said...

Google ad spokesperson emailed me saying 'they can't place ads on a 'sexually explicit' blog like mine.... LoL! I find that hilarious! :)

chics said...

ahh.. i did some marketing on my blog but it's for free.I guess, blogging itself make me feel happy, just lik eileen says

zek said...

hey..interesting topic!!thanx for dropping by blog, though i wonder how the hell you got there in the 1st place..nway,just wanna let u knw that i'm linking 2 u..i'll b a frequent bloghopper here!

Jinny said...

haha, blogs are getting commercialized. but ads need to be properly placed, lest it be seen as inappropriate or taking blatant advantage of something to generate income for yourself. and too much ads are not good either.

Adam said...

Saffron: Well I do have some friends who are still single (and available) but they are not that keen on the publicity. ;-)
SleekBlackMercedes: Well its their loss as your blog is one of the most popular in Malaysia.
zek: Same like you. I bloghopped from somewhere.
Chics and Jinny: Yes. I agree with you. Too many ads can be distracting. I do blog for the fun of it not to get money.

9T9 said...

Pls pour some charity to my PayPal'lah. Till now its still empty. Maybe by blogging we'll not getting rich... Im better ask Jeffooi if he sponsored by. ;-P

Adam said...

Hi 9t9. Can't click ur PayPal. ;-) It seems that we are not authorised to enter ur profile.

9T9 said...

Ok now i've upgrading my Donate page... pls come and donate'lah Hehehe... in return i've add ur name in my Mates list.

loan modification said...

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Loans on line said...

It is quite interesting the amount of scam happening in Malaysia associated to credit card, internet & of course the CD/VCD/DVD piracy. It appears like there are many people but the only problem is that they are using it for the wrong ideas.

Quick quid said...

Paypal didnot know Malaysia back a while because many frauds came from our country. But today paypal accept Malaysian should use it prudently and try to put a stop to fraud and paypal account take control.


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