22 February 2009

Snowfall in Coventry 09 - more pics

Some more pics of snow in Coventry. This winter is said to be the worst in 18 years. Fortunately, it seems to be getting better as we had good sunshine the whole day.

Building a snowman. Now that we have enough snow, I finally mastered the art of rolling a big snow ball.

With my two darlings. The snow clothing we bought for a ski trip that didn't happen finally came in handy

Snow on car
Snow on my car

Our front door

The street in front of our house

foot prints on the snow
Foot steps on the snow


Anonymous said...

I know you guys over across the pond are big believers in global warning--I read articles here in the States about how some of the childern even have nightmares about it. So whats with all the snow---gives you pause to think doesn't it! I love snow also, I live in the southwestern part of Mississippi---we seldom get snow here, but year we've had it twice. I made snow ice cream.

Dilip Mutum said...

I do believe that global warming is happening. I don't have nightmares yet but I do worry about my children - the Earth they will inherit. I guess the snow is part of the Global warming phenomenon with extreme weather conditions all around the globe. Here we have heavy snow fall while other countries are facing drought like conditions and severe heat waves.

Degenerasian said...

Wow! Snow like that is common here in Canada but in Coventry is really something.

I would still argue that global warming is occurring. This winter we've had more snow and warmer temperatures. It used to be colder than -20 which mean it's too cold to snow!

Anonymous said...

Nice picture.

Eju said...

Amazing right... Mother nature is correcting herself. We shall see what summer in store for us.

Anonymous said...

:A asian guy rolling a snow ball in London ....wonderful! btw.. whats snow??? lol

Anonymous said...

Wow, so much snow :)

Dilip Mutum said...

Degenerasian: That's interesting.
Ajit: Thanks
MuzEju:Hope it's warm and sunny but not too hot and dry.
Lillian: You are too Thai now ;-) BTW, I am in Coventry, not in London. Only about 2 hours drive though.
Anthony: Yes! It's been the heaviest since we moved here in 2006.


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