20 March 2008

TalkTalk the worst broadband provider in the UK

It's been nearly 3 months since got reconnected to the Internet via internet service provider, TalkTalk after my AOL broadband connect got cut off without any warning.

I was quite happy initially until I realised that our connections speeds were really slow. I complained a few times but the TalkTalk customer service people kept making excuses.

Really regret signing up with this broadband service provider (or should I say Narrowband service provider). I ignored the warning signals - low ratings on various consumer forums, delay in sending me the broadband router, etc. A guy who came to fix our gas even told me "they are crap mate".

I ignored all of them because I was blinded by their amazing offer of "Free Broadband with our Talk2 International Call Plan". Should have remembered the old saying "pay peanuts and you get monkeys".

Really ashamed that I promoted this "free broadband" thing to a few other friends as well as I thought it was a wonderful deal in the beginning. I just hope that they didn't sign up. And I simply don't want to ask lest they blame me.

Just proves my earlier observation that a lot of companies here in the UK are really bad when it comes to customer retention even though they are really good in attracting first time users.

Here are the results of two different broadband speed tests I carried out a few minutes ago:

- Speedtest.net

- Broadbandspeedchecker.co.uk

A little difference there but the fact remains that our broadband speed is not even half of the promised "Up to 8 Meg download speeds".

Really annoyed that I am stuck on a 18 months contract. Wonder whether there is any way I can move to another service provider without getting penalised in any way?

Update 8 Oct 2008 : They have improved their service. Read "Faster broadband speed"


Anonymous said...

Wow, didn't realise they were that bad. I live in Hull, so don't have much choice about which provider I use, but have a small broadband comparison site, so it's nice to know what people think about all the ISPs.

Dilip Mutum said...

Thanks for your comments Dave. You have a great site.

Anonymous said...

Many internet service providers do not even come close to the speeds they promise customers. I think something should be done to make them more accountable for the bandwidth they promise compared to what they actually deliver.

Anonymous said...

Do U know how much the third world get??? the download is not more than 128KB/s and upload is 64KB/s. Think how do they feel with that.

Dilip Mutum said...

Thanks for the info Muthu.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to give my nod of approval to 3Mobile if I may be so bold.

I got their dongle thingy a few months ago and have been impressed so far. I'm on the 7gb permonth for about £30 package. The speed and coverage is dead on. Not as fast as advertised but fast enough to stream tv.

Anonymous said...

Thats a very interesting post. I have been inspired. Thanks.

baby shoes said...

Hi there, this article is from a year ago. I'm looking for more current info on how well these guys are preforming now.

Is the coverage still pretty hit and miss?

The idea itself is great, it'd be so handy having mobile broadband - I could work in the park this summer!

Dilip Mutum said...

Hi Baby shoes: My last update was on the 8th of Oct 2008. They have improved their service.


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