17 June 2004

Now Yahoo!

A million thanks to Google. You must be wondering why I am praising Google when the title of this post refers to Yahoo! Well you will understand as you read on.

It was Google who created a rumble in the "free" e-mail world by offering the unheard of gigantic 1GB storage space. Read my older post. Many others soon followed including Spymac, Lycos and aventuremail.com.

The latest to jump into the bandwagon is Yahoo! which is now offering 100MB of storage for its free e-mail service. This is ten times the old storage space. MSN is yet to increase the storage space for its free service (2 MB only) but I think they will have to join in or they will start loosing their old loyal customers, like me, who have been Hotmail users even before Microsoft took over.

Taking a look at the other offers, Aventuremail.com offers 2 GB storage but they have closed down the free registrations. The 1 Gigs of storage space offered by Lycos is not free. Which means that Gmail is still the best. The only drawback is that Gmail is still in its test stage and is limited to invited users only.

UPDATE 29/6/04
Microsoft is planning to increase its free Hotmail inbox storage to 250MB soon. It will also allow larger attachments upto 10MB.

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