20 June 2004


I witnessed an accident this Friday. We were just coming out of the mosque in Jitra after prayers when a car came flying past and then I heard a thump at the back. I quickly turned around and saw someone flying. The car had hit another guy who had just come out of the mosque. For a while everyone was immobile then several people swung into action. They quickly took the guy who was lying unconscious to the side of the road. As far as I could see there was no blood, which might be worse as there might be internal bleeding. The hospital was just nearby but the problem was that the car was going the opposite direction and there was no way the car could turn around and carry the guy there.

Two things really made me angry. One was the stupid attitude of the driver. What were you thinking driving like a mad man among the crowd? Another was the attitude of the people. Many were more concerned in driving away first rather than help the person, creating chaos in the front of the mosque. I would have helped but our car was parked about 100 meters away and there was no way we could have gone back in that traffic jam and carry him away. None of the cars going in the direction of the hospital stopped even though they noticed that there had been an accident and a guy was lying unconscious.

It is quite ironical that this happened just after the Friday prayers. Did they even listen to the sermon? I wonder whether prayers have become just a ritual and we are not really concerned with humanity or social service. However, I guess hope is not lost. Some people took the initiative to carry the man aside and even stop the car.. I think they finally got him into one of the cars. Hope he survived.

Anyway, if you had been following my blog you would remember that I had exchanged my car with my wife’s. It’s about 1 year older and has a number of scars from its life in KL. On the side is a nice bump and some letters on the number plate are broken. The first was my fault. It happened when I was reversing in Mid Valley Mega Mall. However, I have no idea how some of the letters on the front number plate were partly broken.

You will notice that I am not blaming my wife. ;-) Unlike some ladies I know, she is a great driver. She is an even better driver then I am. However, she has been involved in two accidents, which required a major overhaul of the cars she was driving. However, in both cases, it was not her fault. I am not being cheeky. It was really NOT her fault. In the first accident, another girl driver lost control and just banged into her on the drivers side. Fortunately it was another Perodua Kancil. I can’t image what would have happened if it were a Volvo or a Mitsubishi Storm. The second accident involved the car I am now driving. It was a head on collision. A drunken old man, who was in a hurry hit her head on and at that time she was pregnant with Rahil. Fortunately, in both cases she escaped badly shaken but without any injuries.

Shows that even if you are careful, and at no fault of yours, accidents do happen because of others.

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