Monday, May 06, 2013

Vintage Falcon bike restoration project update 2013

I started the Vintage Falcon bike restoration project way back in September 2011. At that time, the bike was a pile of rusty metal destined for the tip until I happened to cast my eyes on it. This is how it looked then:


It sure has come a long way and now that the snow is gone and the sun is finally out, I thought it's time to start some cycling. I decided to make a few more updates to the bike. For practical reasons, I bought a pair of metal mudguards on eBay for £16 (I do not want mud or worse all over me when |I am cycling).

I also decided to bring back the old pannier rack instead of buying a new one - all it needed was a thorough cleaning with wire brush followed by sandpaper and finished off with black Hammerite direct to rusted metal Paint.

The round red rear reflector on the new mudguard is also from the original mudguards. I am delighted that I decided to keep it a well, though it took me a couple of hours to polish it to the final shining finished product. You will agree that it looks fantastic and I saved myself about £20.

Now I am all set to start cycling to work


Robert Ganpatsingh said...


Very nice restoration! I've just bought what looks like exactly the same bike? I was wondering whether you managed to find out what model and year the bike was made?

Also what metal polish did you use to bring out the shine so well?



Dilip Mutum said...

Hi Robert, I tired contacting Falcon but did not receive any reply. Based on my research, it is from the early 70s. You might find it hard to believe but all it needed was a wash. I did not put any polish. There was some rust but I sand papered them away and put on some rust proof paint. The mud guards were new.


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