07 May 2013

Bounce coffee

I love coffee and  was delighted when Andy Grelak from Aromo coffee sent me some samples of their 'Bounce' coffee. Andy has been in the coffee business for over 20 years and apparently this is their best selling coffee.

Ground or beans

Brewing the coffee

My cappuccino

Made from 100 x 100% Arabica Aromo ESE coffee Pods, it has a really nice aroma. I am not an expert but according to their site, the Bounce coffee is a mix of Brazilian Daterra Bourbon and Sumatran Mahandeling coffee varieties.

As for the taste, it is slightly milder than the Lavazza Qualita Rossa which we normally use in our house and perfect after meals. 

We had friends over one day. They were leaving the UK for Malaysia and they loved the coffee so much. I passed the beans to my friend who was delighted. He emailed me a fews back asking me to get some more of the same coffee when I visit them next time. 

Thanks Andy.

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