Monday, May 13, 2013

Get Out of the Dark Ages and Let Light Shine In

I just realised that windows on the ground floor of most of the houses in our neighbourhood, including ours, do not open at all. One of our neighbours told me that most of the houses in our row are quite old (pre war) while the ones in the front are modern. Most have changed to the modern double glazed windows.

Windows let in the light of the sun's rays and at the same time, they are some of the best interior decorating features of the home. Many people choose bow or bay windows. These outward curving windows usually have a place for a little alcove where a shelf or bench is built. On the bench window seat cushions or potted plants enhance the window's attraction.

New homes can have large windows installed at the time of building, but older homes can also have more spacious windows installed. Bay or bow windows are popular for dining rooms, bedrooms and living rooms. A casement window gives the old-world look. Some older homes have lead-glass casement-styled windows, but newer windows with a similar appearance and style are available. Window installation or replacement is a worthwhile home improvement, and letting more light into rooms can transform the interior ambience and mood.

In case you are wondering, Casement windows are those with hinges on the outer sides of the panes. A crank opens, closes and locks the window firmly in any position. Many old European-style homes have the casement window style. Modern casement windows are made with the latest in glass and design technology, but they keep the essence of the endearing style.

If a room or home is gloomy, a larger window fixture opens up a wall and lets the happy and healing rays of the sun into the room. Homeowners can choose from among numerous styles such as bay or bow window styles. Fixing or replacing old windows like bow or casement windows with the same style but with quality-made and modern innovations is a job professionals should handle.

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