Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Email from Margaret

I receive a lot of scam mails every day but this one caught my attention because of the picture they attached with the mail.

Margaret Steven
sender time Sent at 06:53 (UTC). Current time there: 22:48. ✆
reply-to margaretsteven22@hotmail.com
to Windows Live
date 24 August 2010 06:53
subject FW: Please Help!!
mailed-by hotmail.com

Dearest friend,
Am Margaret Steven from England, when i saw your Email contact on internet when searching, i decided to tell you about my situation, i have been diagnosed with cancer and i need your help in distributing my funds of $7.5M to charities. I contacted you because i strongly believe you are in a position to handle this project. Please get back to me soon if you will help me so that i can give you all the details on how to receive the fund without any delay.

Here is the picture of Margaret, that was attached with the email:


Beth @ City Planters said...

I restrained myself from laughing. I don't know why people would use this kind of tactic. But seriously, does anyone believe this kind of email? I have also received this kind of email but I just ignore them as well as those chain letters. I also hate those who use the name of the Lord and "blackmail" you that if you don't send the email something terrible will happen. They're just irritating.

Graeme@ Adult weekend breaks said...

Sorry to say this, but it is a scam. That woman in the picture was called Jade and she was a minor celeb (from Big Brother TV series) in the UK who died of cancer over a year ago. Can't believe people do this sort of scam

Adam Dilip Mutum said...

Grame: I can't believe someone actually thought that I would fall for this scam.


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