Sunday, March 22, 2009

Cheaper flights to London with Air Asia

A few weeks back I wrote about the Ryanair and bloggers episode and mentioned that "they can learn a thing or two from Air Asia". Well, Maxton Walker of the Guardian seems to think so as well.

In his article 'This is budget travel. We demand to suffer' he seems to be pleasantly surprised by the level of service quality and mentions that "If AirAsia X can keep it up, it is on to something".

Experts have always assumed that it is impossible to have a profitable budget long-haul airline service. Air Asia might have cracked it. I mean Kuala Lumpur to London for only RM490 (approx. £93) is crazy.

Tony Fernandes, the CEO of Air Asia says that flying to London is "A dream accomplished".

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bokjae said...

Remembered years ago in the US the People's Airlines was such a budget airlines! Too bad they went under! AirAsia is coming strong in the world scene!

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Thanks for dropping by and your compliments! Hey can we do a link exchange? Also reading your expertise on SEO!!!! haha!

Ann said...

Very good information because price of tickets increased in all companies one month ago. This is great for people who travel to this destination.


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