Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Ryanair and bloggers

As we all know, if you are a big company, picking a quarrel with a blogger is not really a good idea. However, Ryanair recently did that.

Web developer and blogger Jason Roe was called an "idiot blogger" when he pointed out a flaw on the airline's website. The response from other bloggers was predictable. The comments are hilarious and as someone who's in marketing, I simply couldn't believe it. Is it possible that one of the biggest low cost airline in Europe is that arrogant?

Read the Telegraph's article: 'Ryanair calls blogger lunatic'.

In spite of that, I was really surprised to find the level of negative perception towards the airline prevalent among my friends here. Not even one had a nice thing to say about the company. This is a case of extremely bad PR and they clearly need to do something about this.

la _rochelle002

I have flown with the airline only once to La Rochelle and I simply flew with them because they were the cheapest. I had no problems with the airline apart from the one thing - there was no information on the tickets on how to contact their customer service by telephone (do they even have one?) when we had problems.

They can learn a thing or two from Air Asia, a low cost airline based in Malaysia and one of the fastest growing the World. They start flying to London this year.

You just have to compare the websites of the two airlines to see what I mean:

Air Asia


This is an interesting case because I can always use it as an example of "what not to do" for my marketing students.

Anyway, enjoy this ad:

First Commentator

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D said...

you're right, Adam. Ryanair is extremely arrogant. A few months back Watchdog tried to get some answers from them but were snubbed away.

Such a shame as their tickets ARE riddiculously cheap!


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