Thursday, January 15, 2009

New Washing Machine

You never know how important something is until you lose it or in our case, it stops working. As you might have guessed from the title, we got ourselves a spanking new washing machine. The 2nd hand Zanussi we had been using for over two years now finally gave up. It was strange because all the lights were on, water was still going in and out and it was making the right noises but the cylinder inside was not spinning.

The clothes started piling up and we even had to wash a few loads at our friends' houses. Thanks Nana, Roby. Did some research on the net and we finally decided on the Hotpoint AQGMD129 Washer Dryer. We decided on this particular model because it has an A energy rating (the most efficient) and a capacity of 8Kg. Another important feature we were looking at was the child lock - absolutely essential because we have a son who loves electronic gadgets with buttons and flashing lights (like father like son, I guess).

We bought the Washer Dryer from TDA - Appliance Bargains. It cost us £397.89 including delivery charges and cost of disposing our old washer dryer. In Argos, the same machine costs £623.59 (with delivery).

They delivered it yesterday. Was a bit annoyed when the delivery guys just wanted to leave it outside. In the end, after some persuasion, they did bring it in to the kitchen. They were surprised when we told them that they were supposed to dispose of our old one as well. Had to call up their office who apparently had made a mistake. They are going to pick it the old washer tomorrow. What a waste of time and fuel.

Fitting everything took me over 2 hours. Mostly due to the fact that the machine was so damn heavy. Removal of the four transit bolts and rubber bush at the rear itself took half an hour. I have no idea why they have to make it so difficult for customers.

Had to put bricks underneath because of the skirting on the wall and somehow push the machine in to the narrow space.

Just take a look at the space I had to fit it in and you will understand why it took us so much time.

Soon had it up and running. The best part is that it is so quiet that I had to check to make sure that the thing was actually working.

We love our new Washer Dryer.


Ron Russell said...

Good blog, I'll have to return when I have more time to really check it out.
Don't know much about washing machines---remember grandmothers old ringer one, boy is that thing dated now.

*lynne* said...

I like the idea of a washer/dryer... when I looked into it, though, it seemed as if the dryer capacity was half of the washer's. i.e. one load of laundry would need to be split into two for drying. Is that the case with yours, or has technology advanced again? :)

D said...

Oh wow!! I'm drooling... (hehe, yup, over a brand new washing machine!!LOL). But I must say, that looks like a splendid buy - can't afford that tho! :)

Nana said...

waaaaaaaaahhhhhh damm good bargain! 1/2 price! I think Argos is overcharging nowadays! 8kg! damm good! Whats the warranty like?

Adam Dilip Mutum said...

Lynne: We do have to take out some depending on the type of material.

D: It's an investment because we are goign to be using it almost everyday.

Nana: Besides the usual we also get free 5 years parts quarantee.

eijoola said...

what's new...!? Another classic story about the delivery services.
Anyway, the new washing machine looks really nice. It also fits the spot perfectly.

Susanne49 said...

I know it makes big fun to get something new to the household, special a great washing machine. I had the same one myself, also very quiet working and I was very happy with many years.:)

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Chrystal K. said...

Congrats on the new washing machine. The same thing happened to our machine.


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