Friday, January 26, 2007

Not junk

Soon after we moved into our house we were really distressed because we need to buy among other things, a washing machine and a microwave. That meant a few hundred pounds.

One day we were out with the kids searching for a clinic who would accept us, when we passed by a second hand shop (some refer to them as junk shops).

We saw a few washing machines outside and went inside the store. It was amazing - the stuff they have in there. We couldn't imagine from the run down facade outside. In the end we bought a washing machine, microwave, vacuum cleaner, rubbish bin and a strange looking clock, which was hanging on the wall - all for £100/

I was checking on ebay recently and found a clock similar to ours listed there. The clock which we bought for only £3/ was being sold on ebay for £51/ It's a Metamec starburst/ sunburst wall clock from the 1960s. It's amazing that the clock is working perfectly even after all these years. Testament to British and German (the clock mechanism was made in Germany) craftsmanship and quality.

Never going to call a 2nd hand store a junk shop ever again.

1 comment:

Zaza said...

keep the clock and go to the antiques roadshow in 20-30 years time! you might be lucky!


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