Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Metal shed update

Someone left a comment on my 'DIY metal pent shed' wondering what the shed would look like if it was blown down (deleted because no name was given).

Well! I don't think that's going to happen because the shed is anchored to the ground with screws on concrete. As you can see from the pictures, there was already a brick floor in place left by the previous tenant. My guess is that there was a garage long time ago.

I dug some holes and used quick drying mortar mix for the purpose and fixed screw holders in it. The shed is fixed using the anchoring fittings that came along with the shed. I think it should hold.

It would take gale force winds to blow down the shed and of course, it definitely won't be a pretty sight.


Discount Voucher Codes said...

I think I am going to buy this for my garage.

Discount Voucher Codes said...

Is the thing flexible?I cant understand.

Cirtex said...

I have to create some space to put a shade for mine too. I was thinking something like this but can't find any.

skidg8 said...

i will read ur story when i'm free... love to read urs...
flow cerita bagus:)
nak komen takde idea.. hihi

take care:)

Chizmosa said...

I would love to have a shed too. Maybe soon ;0

Fisik & Mental said...

sounds good, and i going to buy this


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