Thursday, May 01, 2008

DIY metal pent shed

For quite sometime we had been using the second toilet outside as a storeroom but finally decided to get a shed as we need to use the toilet sometimes .

We finally decided on the Yardmaster 6' x 4' Metal Pent Shed. We bought it online and it cost us £119.00 plus a delivery charge of £4.85.

Argos also carries a similar shed and at a slightly lower price but we decided on the product from Tesco because it comes with anchoring fittings and work gloves.

The shed was delivered this Monday and I straight away started on the roof. It took me 45 minutes to assemble it.

Next day, the weather was quite bad and it rained intermittently through out the day. Thank God! my father-in-law who's visiting, was there to help me. We took several breaks and I had to buy a new screwdriver from Wickes and a cordless power screwdriver from Woolworths halfway through the assembly. Wish I had made the decision earlier as we would have got though it much faster.

Without the roof and the front walls.

Now all I need to do is to fix the anchorings and put some grease on the door rollers. My first major DIY project completed successfully.

The shed is not really big and I realised one major disadvantage of buying a metal shed - fixing shelves on the wall is going to be really difficult if not impossible. That means that I am got to look for some metal shelves.

So what do you think?


neomesuff said...

eh..that is very lets later see how your dIY shelf then..;-) interesting

Adam Dilip Mutum said...

I don't think I will be getting any DIy shelves, just some ready made self standing shelves would do.

Sandra Prangenberg said...

I think you have really worked hard on it.Because your hard work shows as it is wonderfully made.But I guess people dont work that much hard they just get ready ones from the market.

Anonymous said...

I build all welded steel portable buildings for a living. One way is to build free standing wood shelving, then using screws with a rubber washer, attach the shelving to the wall by drilling and attaching the shelving to your walls from the outside of the shed. Looks good and good luck.

datenwiederherstellung said...

I think, you did a good job. But the question how many days it will stay. Anyway, let we see. Thanks for your post.

Mark said...

How about adding a green roof , I put one on mine and it has turned out really well, it is slightly odd though seeing so much colour 6ft up.

Emila Yusof said...

Great job, Adam!

Adam Dilip Mutum said...

sandra: They are muc costlier.

Bob: I think I will instead go for free standing shelves.

datenwiederherstellung: Well the shed comes with 10 years gurantee.

Mark: That's interesting. Hmmm

Emila: Thanks.

Polina said...

The shed looks just great, very useful to have next to the house or in the garden to keep all the gardening stuff... Is this rustproof?

Adam Dilip Mutum said...

Polina, Yes it has a 10 year anti-rust manufacturers guarantee.

Anonymous said...

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