Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Introducing Nitro Digital

For several years, I have been helping people with establishing a presence on the net - this includes individuals as well as companies. Most of the time, I just point them to professionals who can help them set up a web site and in case they already have one, to market their sites online.

I always keep an eye out (and ear open) for companies specialising in web design and online marketing. It's quite hard to recommend a good one considering the fact that there are so many companies out there as well as freelancers involved in this area.

Among the criteria I look for includes whether the companies were established (when they started) and their portfolio.

One company I recently came across is 'Nitro Digital'. The compay was established in 2001 and started out as Nitro Ventures before changing to the current name. They specifically target pharmaceutical companies looking for agency to take care of their website - right from design and updating to marketing and driving quality traffic to it.

Nitro Digital is a succesful medium size Media Agency specialising in Web Design, Development and Online Marketing for Pharmaceutical companies (including PPC, SEO, Viral and Social Network Marketing, Online Display Advertising, You name it...)

Was quite impressed by their list of clients and case studies. I would defnitely recommend them to anyone looking for such services.


petyard said...

Very cool - nice follow-up!! I ‘ve read your posts before…just never
commented on them. I am going to check them, if the can take care another company without pharmaceutical then I 've a job for them

sundar said...

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Scotty said...

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Dog Tricks said...

Nice follow up. I am interested about them. Thanks for sharing.

saran said...

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have fun said...

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virtuozzo said...

I just wanted to give a greeting and tell you that I like your website very much. It's true that to recommend a good company specialised in web design and online marketing is pretty hard. But i'm glad to know about 'Nitro Digital'. Thanks.


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