Thursday, December 27, 2007

My Boxing day in Coventry

If you are in the UK, I am sure you are aware of the crazy scenes in stores all over the country. Yes! I am talking about the Boxing day sales. I am not really into branded stuff and I didn't join the people flocking to the West Orchard shopping centre nor did we drive up to the Bull Ring in Birmingham.

Belgrade Theatre

I did do some shopping though. Drove down to the nearby Go Outdoors store with our friend, Kyrzul who's visiting us. A bit disappointed because I had been expecting lower price cuts but bought some stuff anyway.

We later went to see 'I am Legend' at Odeon - my first time there. The movie was simply amazing. One of the best I have seen in a while, maybe except for Transformers.

Anyway, after the movie as we had about an hour to kill before the next bus (buses ran every hour for Boxing day), so we dropped by Ikea. The store opened on 16th of this month. No! I wasn't there at the opening. It is huge - slightly less in area than the store in Damansara, Malaysia. For your information, the store in Coventry covers 24000 square meters while the Ikea store in Mutiara Damansara is the largest in Asia with a shop floor area of approximately 270000 square feet (25000 square meters). There were some fantastic deals and of course more shopping.

How was your Boxing day?


neomesuff said...

boxing day...err...errrr...nothing happen hehe
btw..uve been tagged ;-)no more applications heheheeee

fab'o'maniac said...

hi i have been followin yar blog and its fascinating to see the kinda posts dat u have been authoring , its really kool !!!!, i have given u a link , hope u gimme a link back!!!! cheers mate!!!

rani said...

I miss Christmas in UK! My husband and I had a very dampen mood during Christmas, wallowing in the things, places and people there.... boooh;<

btw, Happy new Year 2008 and happy studying!!

chics said...

Happy New Year!

Pinksy said...

My dad said you have to go up in these huge escalators and that it feels a bit claustrophobic! I still think it seems it bit crazy building it right next to the Skydome, where there's only one way in or out onto the busy ring road. I bet it sets off medieval Spon Street really nicely!

Adam Dilip Mutum said...

Hi Pinksy. Yes, the elvators are huge but I guess they need them so that customers can get huge items like beds and other stuff down to the car park.


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