Friday, August 24, 2007

Swimming with the Dolphins

Would you like to swim with dolphins? That's one of my dreams that remains unfulfilled. Talking about dolphins, there is one movie I am looking forward to - "Eye Of The Dolphin", which opens in cinemas today. This family movie is written by three time Emmy winner, Wendell Morris from a story by the film's director Michael Sellers.

Filmed in beautiful locations in the Bahamas, Carly Schroeder plays 15 year old Alyssa, who has just lost her mother and is forced to live with her dad (played by Adrian Dunbar), after being expelled from her school. Her life suddenly changes after she forms an unexpected friendship with an orphaned wild dolphin.

You can also win free movie tickets by entering the contest on their site (before August 26).

Check out the trailer of the movie:


BeccaGirl said...

I almost touched a dolphin one time at Sea World! They came swimming by in this sort of petting pool, and right when it came by me, I pulled my hand back really quickly! I'm not sure why, I wish I wouldn't have done that!! I love dolphins and would love to get that chance back :) I hope you can get to Italy soon, I think it's going to be great! I'm going to have lots and lots of posts about all of it when I get back :D

Anonymous said...

In fact they're my favourite animail in the UNIVERSE!!
I went to sea world too and watched a show with dolphins and otters. I loved it haven't been there lately-too far =) :)

Anonymous said...

You're really lucky, beccagirl- wish i could do that!!


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