Saturday, August 11, 2007

The CIA, Al-Qaeda and 12 foot aliens

I was reading this rather boring post on the Times Online blog, about two image processing experts who disagree on whether Al-Qaeda had altered a video or not. Read the post "Mousetrap technology" here.

Reading the comments really made me laugh out aloud.

A guy called Simon Arbuthnot says:
KR is correct.

Everybody knows that Al-Quaeda are a creation of the CIA, that the twin towers were blown up by George W. to cover up his fathers involvement in The Philadelphia experiment with time, causing earth to be invaded by 12 foot high space aliens 40 years before the experiment took place. The space aliens are now building an inter-galactic craft in the bermuda triangle to get back home to their own planet.

The whole clash of civilisations thing is just a conspiracy to stop us finding out about it. The only people who know the truth are The Queen, Geroge W and George snr, Margaret Thatcher and David Ike.

I found the comments more interesting than the post.

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