Friday, July 20, 2007

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows price war

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Book 7) is $17.99 on On the other hand, it is £8.99 on the Amazon UK site.

Compare that with what UK supermarket chain Morrisons is offering. The last Harry Potter book is only £4.99 here. No! I won't be queuing up anywhere when the clock strikes midnight. However, I will be rushing there tomorrow morning and hope that there are still some copies left. If not, my next choice will be Asda where it is going for £5.

It is still £8.87 at Tesco and Sainsbury's.

Waterstone's and Woolworths are sellingit at £8.99 per copy while it is £10.99 at WH Smith.

The price war is on in Malaysia too. According to a news report, bookstores here are protesting against hypermarkets Carrefour and Tesco, slashing the price of the book from the recommended retail price of RM109.90 to RM69.90. The four major bookstores there, namely MPH, Popular, Harris and Times announced at a press conference, that they would not sell the last Harry Potter book. Cry babies!

Updated: 22 July 2007



lc_teh said...

Bravo to Tesco and Carrefour! If they can sell the book for 8.9 pounds sterling in UK, why do we have to pay such a high price for the same book? Some book sellers here are really trying to make a fortune out of just one book. And when they get thwarted, they cry foul!

Adam Mutum said...

Actually I only paid £4.99. That's approx. RM 34.99

Carla said...

I stood in line, for a really long time, amidst really obnoxious college aged kids who were rude and kept knocking book displays and small children over. It was HORRID. And I paid 21.99 (I forgot to do the early reserve and get it for 18.99) USD (I'm not sure how that converts) Its pretty cheap for a hard cover book new release here in the US though.

Also, I really love the UK covers, so much more than the US covers (why do they have different versions? WHY?)

Adam Mutum said...

That's approx £10.69. Still way costlier than in the UK. I totally agree with you. Now finally got the chance to read it that she's gone to watch the HP movie with her friend.


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