Thursday, June 21, 2007

Lot of phones going to be homeless after the iPhone comes out

A recent survey report states that one-in-four (26%) potential smart phone purchasers say they’ll opt for the iPhone when it comes out. It's not surprising and I may be one of those guys.

There are loads of funny videos on the iPhone doing the rounds of YouTube now. I thought this one was hilarious.

My old Motorola might be hitting the road too. For iPhone Review and Video visit the site

2 comments: said...

Adam, Just to let you know, I got one spammer yesterday using the name Adam with email ahoklah@gmail who left a political sensitive comment at my blog. The comment is on my spider photo post.

Adam said...

Thanks for informing me. Someone trying to get me into trouble. There was one a#$hole who always left his biased political views in my comments. I suspect that he/ she is the guy as I told him off the last time he did that.

Would highly appreciate it if you could give the IP address to me so that I can track him down.


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