Monday, April 09, 2007

First time on a roller coaster

Can you recall the first time ever you were on a roller coaster?

Well last weekend, we drove down to the Easter fun fair at Walsall.

My daughter went on a roller coaster for the first time in her life. My wife was there with here and I couldn't help myself but laugh when she later told me that Rahil was screaming "it's not fair! It's not fair!" when it started picking up speed. Not sure what she meant by that.


She was shaking a bit when they got down. I thought Rahil would be scared to go on another ride but No! She wanted to go on the flying pink elephant - this time with me.


lucia said...

kids usually no fear fear. :)

my first time riding a roller coaster was more than 20 years ago! (and that was the only one i had so far!).

it was the one at genting... and a mild one. at that time, there was just this one roller coaster ride, and many other rides also not available.

i remember when i was on the roller coaster, i did not screamed but i closed my eyes all the way!

Dad of Four said...

My first ride was the Corkscrew at @ Alton Towers also 20 years back...Man it was frightening initially!

neomesuff said...

my first time was also genting..and i lurve the adrenaline rush thingy

janicepa said...

haha.. so long never go on coaster liao ... the excitement !! superb !

Adam said...

I think the last time I was on one was in Genting - a few years ago.


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