Thursday, March 08, 2007

What is Emo music

You might have guessed correctly that the term "Emo" is short for Emotional. However, you might be surprised to learn that this refers to a subgenre of hardcore punk music. This music phenomenon is nothing new and originates from the music of the mid-1980s Washington, DC scene. It has evolved since then and now used to describe various emotionally-charged punk rock. Of course I do wonder, soft sentimental music can also be full of emotion.

Anyway, the Emo Hairstyles websites takes a lighter look at the emo phenomenon. They call it the "ugly twin sister of Punk Hair Styles."

Their zany description of famous emo bands based on their pictures are pretty hilarious. For example, read their description of The Appleseed Cast:
Isn't that the Edge himself second from the right? What a hairdo! It looks like a mullet. I'm guessing the guy to the right of him is bald. Why else would he be wearing the hat? To the left of the Edge we have fat Che Guevara who is going for the guillera look there. It's not very emo is it?
When I last checked, they had 12 emo bands/ singers in their list, which is fast growing.

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