Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Car booting March 18

I have posted a few posts about our favourite pastime here in Coventry - searching for bargains at car boot sales. From today I am going to post a list of stuff we bought at every car boot sale we go to over here starting from today under the label: booting.

Here is the list of stuff we bought at the CJ's car boot at Stoneleigh sale last Sunday:

1. 3 books:
i) Bag of bones by Stephen King. 30p
ii) The sigma protocol by Robert Ludlum. 40p
iii) The reality dysfunction by Peter F. Hamilton. 50p

2. 2 folding camping stools. £5

3. 3 jigsaw puzzles. 50p

4. A frying pan. 50p

5. Pair of rubber gloves. 50p

6. 4 framed drawings of classic cars. £2

7. A Mothercare framed baby carrier (not in picture). £3

Total spent: £12.70

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Pinksy said...

I'm from Cov (live in Notts now). Visiting family in Cov this weekend. Know any other car boots in Cov on Sunday morning?

Adam said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog. There are a few car boots in Cov and surrounding areas on Sunday mornings. I guess the biggest and popular is the one at Furnance end.
Here's the add: Springfield Farm, Ansley, Warwickshire CV10 0QU
Last week was very mudddy.

The one I usually go to, CJs has moved from Stoneleigh. Here is the new add:
Leamington Rugby Football Club, Moorefields, Kenilworth Road, Leamington Spa,
Warwickshire CV32 6RG.

There's a small one on Lockhurst Lane near Foleshill but I have never been there.

Hope this info helps.

Pinksy said...

Nice one, thanks for that. Like your site by the way. Have added you to my feeds. Cheers...


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