Thursday, February 22, 2007

Plug for Zaza

Our dear friend Zaza has been blogging since April 2006 in her blog "Handling Holland". She writes about how she's coping with life in a foreign land, as a housewife and as a mother to cute little baby Aidan.

She was a successful entrepreneur in Malaysia running her own gifts business before packing it all up to follow her husband (and our friend too) Hardy to Holland.

She is really really kind hearted and we will always be indebted to her for a very special favour. Zaza you know what I am referring to.

Hardy you are a very lucky guy.

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Hardy said...

Alhamdulillah, yes I am! As we often heard, as cited by the qadi during nikah's of friends and relatives..."A wife is a dress for her husband and vice versa"....She never ever fails to make me happy and proud...I am indeed a very very lucky man.

Zaza said...

hey adam! my son's picture is on somebody else's blog other than mine's! that's a first! thank you!

i'm not so sure of the successful entrepreneur bit tho.. but i sure did try!

now, PLEASE DO NOT mention anymore of the favour. in fact i should be thanking you and ez for being such GREAT, WONDERFUL friends to us. that's even more than whatever i had done for you.

eh adam, i've been blogging since april 2005 la. friendster tu not enough space la i think! haha. more reasons why i should change to blogger!

and hardy.. awwwww.. that's gonna stay in me for a LONGGG time. all of us are lucky to have each other! we love you guys.. cant wait to see the four of you next week!


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