Monday, April 03, 2006

At Last

When I wrote: "I FINALLY GOT IT!" in early November last year, little did I realize that I would have to wait for another four more months before I actually got it in black and white.

I guess that's how the Government works, with the red tape and all.

Many people told me that I would have to pay money to have it done but I persevered and after making several rounds of Putrajaya and meeting people in power, I finally got what we had been waiting for.

Yeah! It took a long time. I guess I am more fortunate than others because I know that there were people who applied before me and didn't get it. However, I am really happy that I didn't have to pay a single sen (under table) to anybody.

Guys close to me know what I am talking about.

There is a long list of people who helped me and I remember all of you. One of them was Dato' Dr. Ahmad Fawzi Mohd Basri who passed away in May last year.

And of course Zaza. May God bless you.

There are many others who helped me in one way or the other but I can’t take their names here.

Mere words are not enough to express what I feel.


ps. I am now officially out of the the 30 Days of Photos Challenge. Last weekend my father-in-law borrowed my camera and took it with him to Port Dickson. Then yesterday I forgot to bring it back with me from KL. So I am now without a digital camera for at least a week. Quite sad that I have to stop here as there was only 7 more days to go.

Rahil enjoying a muffin



Zaza said...

ALhamdulillah! we're VERY VERY happy, i almost cried. i did absolutely nothing. this is all due to YOU and EZ's hard work, going up and down to putrajaya, preparing all the papers, your persistence and patience, and the rest is God's work! FINALLY!!! YEYYYYYYY!!! we're SO SO thrilled and proud of you on how you've handled the whole issue! loads more happy news to come for you guys, i'm sure! we love you and miss you both!!

Jen said...

Congrats! Your Welcome!...I guess!

Adam said...

Zaza, Jen: Thanks.


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