Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Ghost Rider a box office hit

One movie I am looking forward to is Ghost Rider, starring Nicolas Cage and Eva Mendes as his love interest.

Though it has opened in other cities, it will only be released in the UK on the 2nd of March.

This is another movie version of a character from the Marvel comics universe. I guess the only unique thing about this movie is that it features an supernatural anti-hero, "Johnny Blaze", Satan's Bounty Hunter.

Despite reviews ranging from lukewarm to downright put downs, the movie is doing quite well with it leading the box office for the 2nd week and grossing $40.1 million in the foreign market. Read the Reuters report here.

You might also want to check out Wikipedia, which has an in-depth article on the Ghost Rider.

Has anyone seen the movie yet?



Dad of Four said...

Wah...that late the release in the UK. I think we had the first screening b4 CNY. My son has been bugging me to bring him watch it's rated U (can u believe that?). The trailer seems a bit not suitable for young kids. I'm not a movie person...Is it suitable for 9+ y.o?

eches said...

I just learnt about this movie from this post and had watched the trailer. Looks awesome and waiting for the release

Brajeshwar said...

It was a bit too predictable.

Adam said...

dad of four: It is rated PG-13 by The Motion Picture Association of America. Which means that it has some scenes of horror violence and disturbing images. The censors in Malaysia will snip away the sexy scenes but not the violent ones.

eches: Me too.

Brajeshwar: I can't really comment as I haven't seen it as yet.

Dad of Four said...

Adam- Thanks..I thought has violent scenes.


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