Friday, February 09, 2007

Get paid to review my posts

Visitors to my blog will notice a special blue and green button with the words "Get paid to review my post" below my posts. This is a new affiliate program from, that would help me promote my blog and pay me some money as well.

If you are getting confused, this is how it works:

It's very simple. Anybody who signs up with PPP by clicking that button will get an extra special, high priority, opp (short for opportunity) to review that particular post. In case you are among those guys who hasn't heard about, it is a company that pays bloggers to write about products and services.

Coming back to the button, "Yes! You will be paid to review my post", I keep saying that because lot of people simply can't believe that anybody gets paid to review a a blog post and think that it's some kind of scam.

As soon as the new blogger's first post is paid, I will also be paid $7.50.

I get paid, the renew blogger also gets paid and ppp get a new postie. A perfect case of a win-win situation, if I may say so.

So what are you waiting for? If you are not already a PPP postie, sign up by clicking that button and review my blog post on your blog.

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