Friday, February 02, 2007

Free cartoons by Gaspirtz

Oliver Gaspirtz's funny cartoons have appeared in most major American magazines such as the National Enquirer, Sun, Saturday Evening Post, Funny Times, etc. as well as in international publications including Britain's famous Punch and Germany's Eulenspiegel magazines. In 2000, he decided to publish his cartoons exclusively on the internet in 2000.

He definitely has a weird and dark sense of humour.

I learnt that these cartoons were first drawn on paper, then scanned into the computer and colourised in Photoshop.

For more background info on the artist, check out his Biography.

I almost forgot to tell you that everybody is free to use the cartoons on his site. You can even download a collection of his cartoons as a zip file. 


lillian said...

great cartoons:-) thanx for the compliment on my blog!!!

John C said...

Between the art and writing, the guy's really one of the best I've seen. Local and national print couldn't handle keeping him with his wording, and for him to stifle himself...THAT would have been a real loss.


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