Monday, February 05, 2007

Doing our bit for the environment

A few days back, I wrote the post "Humans cause Global warming" and was discussing the issue with my wife. According to her, "there's nothing much we can do about it". Or is there...

I have come up with a small list of things we can do:
1. Install energy saving bulbs. Implemented. All lights in our house has been replaced.
2. Stop using the dryer in the washing machine. Implemented. We now dry our clothes outside whenever we can and over the radiators most of the time.
3. Shut off lights in rooms not in use. Implemented.
4. Turning off computers when not in use. Bit harder as I hate waiting for the computer to start up (I am using a Windows PC) and all the software to load.
5. Turn off the TV and other electrical appliances when not in use. I mean shutting off the switch and not just using the remote. There is still some electrical leak if you see the red light on the appliance. Implemented.
6. Take public transport. Bit hard after getting used to driving everywhere.
7. Walk to your nearby newsstand or grocer instead of driving there. Implemented. Doing that now.
8. Take a shower instead of a bath. Implemented.
9. Support green companies. I like Tesco for their initiatives such as giving green points for reusing bags.
10. Recycle. Trying to implement it. Have already got a composting bin but haven't started making my own compost yet.

We are not only doing our bit to save the environment but reducing our bills in the process.

Can you think of some more ways.



ainee said...

er, sir. recently i read in the independent newspaper that some people are boycotting tesco's product as they they use a lot of wrapper for their product. and that is not so green. many people dislike it, and said "why do they need that much packaging for fruit (etc)". prolly Tesco is not that green.

薇薇 said...

i am happy that u put effort to save our earth.
i also have my ways to to save the environment
but i dont sure u can read mandarin or not.

Adam said...

Ainee: Looking at the various supermarkets in Coventry, I think Tesco is the greenest. However, they could do more.
Hi Chen: Was able to read it using
Google translator


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